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Friday, April 23, 2010


Notah and Kerra came home from the flea market three weeks ago (Ap. 3rd) with a surprise. (Seems longer than that, but I counted the weeks twice!) Kerra came in the family room where I was sitting and started messing with the drapes. She handed me her purse and said, “Here open this for me. Will you?”

I said, “Good grief. Why do you want me in your purse? Are your hands broken?” But I unzipped it while she fiddled with the blind. When I did this little brown head popped up! I squealed like a teenager who just had Elvis wave at her! It was a tiny buckskin colored puppy. She is half teacup Chihuahua and half Jack Russell terrier. What a combination! But she is a cutie. She didn’t weigh a pound. I found out later she was half mine! Turned out Notah and Kerra didn’t have enough cash to pay the lady so they used some of the money I’d sent along for something else!! LOL

We ran through a couple dozen names before we came up with one that suited her. Keva of course had a bunch of ‘girlie’ names… You know, the kind of names that people usually give little dogs--Baby, Tiny, Bitsy, that kind of thing…. Thank goodness Notah and Kerra are into original names. Seth had a few more macho names, but then she was a tiny little dainty girl dog. Seth’s friend Zack was there, too, so there was quite a voting pool. Finally someone said “Chloe” and it was almost unanimous. Notah dubbed her ‘Chloe biscochito’ then later said he wasn’t serious, but I think it is as cute as she is. A little biscuit is exactly what she is—tiny and golden and round. LOL

Chloe went for a ride and hike with us that first Saturday. I must say that she soon ran out of steam and ended up sleeping in Grandma’s arms for the rest of the afternoon.

She was, and still is, so tiny that Notah made a little pen for her so she won’t get stepped on. Kerra made her a pillow and I made her a jacket. She even has a potty tray with dirt in it. And she knew how to use it right off the bat. She is still sleeping most of the day and night. But she is staying awake longer between naps every day.

Thain just loves her. She is so brave. Or maybe dumb. I’m not sure. She runs up and barks at him and attacks his feet and bites his nose. Thain wants so bad to play with her, but I honestly believe he is really afraid he’ll hurt her! When she cried to get out of her pen those first couple days, he worried and worried about her.. He would go over and poke her with his nose. And once I declare, he was trying to pick her up and take her out. His entire mouth was over her head. I told him no that he couldn’t do that and he was good. I don’t think he was real sure how exactly to go about it anyway! And THEN, when she slept too long and I was beginning to worry about her, he even went over and poked her with his nose and woke her up.

It has been lots of years since I had a puppy this little. Probably Spider was our last one. This one is a joy

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