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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

(I'm posting this everywhere, on every site I have access to. it is SUCH an important concept for men and women today to wrap their minds around! We MUST be born in Zion if we are ever to see God! )

Sunday was our family reunion. I wasn't able to go but my brother went. He called this morning to ask me if I knew Uncle Gene had died. He said, I believe, it had happened about four months ago. I wondered, when I hung up from talking with Buster, if he had died in the Lord. For most of his life, Uncle Gene, although a good man, was not saved. I haven’t seen him for years and years so I don’t know what his spiritual standing was. The last time I saw him he had started going to church, but he said nothing of being born again.

As I sat here in the quiet these last few minutes, my mind went to the Psalms where David was talking about God’s People and His Church, “5And of Zion it shall be said, This and that man was born in her: and the highest himself shall establish her. 6The LORD shall count, when he writeth up the people, that this man was born there.” (Ps 87:5-6) I thought what a beautiful testimony that was. That someone would say of a person that they were ‘born in Zion.” I remembered all the saints I’ve known who left that testimony behind them-- this or that individual was born in Zion! How wonderful to not just have a piece of paper saying they were citizens the city but to have lived a life that verified it.

I thought of those who have gone on to be with the Lord and I never even had to think about the question, because their lives had been dedicated to God. They had lived such consistent lives of righteousness that even a sinner could recognize that they were one of God’s people--not by thei words the said but by the very life of Christ showing out through them. There isn’t enough of that in the world today. There aren’t enough people who live as though they were born in spiritual Zion.

I want my life to be such that when I’m gone, those looking on my memory will be able to say with a surety, “This woman was born in Zion!”

Monday, June 28, 2010


Yesterday was the Elliott Reunion. I aways enjoyed it. My mom's name was Elliott and they are all good down to earth people. And boy! Can the Elliott women cook. Food at the Elliott reunion is to die for!

We used to go every summer until my knees got bad enough that I had to hope Kerra and Rachael came home to fix the food. And they did for several years, but I haven't been able to go for the last four or five. While Notah and Kerra were living with me in Dover, Kerra cooked and Notah would load my big chair so I was able to sit in it with my feet up for the afternoon. Since they moved I haven't been to the reunion. Actually the next year after they moved ( I believe it was) I moved to Columbus with Rachael and Michael. Now the two hours down and two hours back plus two or three hours of sitting on a picnic bench are just more than I can do.

The great thing is that some members of Aunt Rene's family always stop by on their trips east. Today, Dobbie and Brenda are bringing Aunt Rene to visit a while. Last year it was Lee and Lonnadene who brough her. I love it! Growing up, my brother and I probably spent more time with Lonnadene and Dobbie at Aunt Rene and Uncle Arthur's that with any of our other cousins. I'm glad the connection remains even as we are all into our sixties now. Isn't that amazing.

I can remember when Lonnadene was a cute little girl with a mass of curls who yelled bloody murder when her mom tried to sort them out. And Dobbie! LOL Aunt Rene tried her best to dress him in a neat little shirt and tie for church, but they just never stayed that way very long. He and my brother used to trekking around into all sorts of things. And when he grew up! He grew this amazing beard and a head full of long wild hair! Poor Aunt Rene-how mortified she must have been. lol

And now look at him-some sort of executive with a clean shave and a regular hair cut in a big steel company. And Lonnadene has clipped her mass of curls short enough to care for so easily a it makes screaming bloody murder a distant memory! She and Lee are on a world cruise right now.

Life goes on and things change, but the bonds forged in early child hood remain...


Maxim's new friend, Biff

Resting after the reservoir swim. Maxim still has his wet collar on.

Biff doesn't know anything about chasing and retrieving a ball!
He'll never get his teeth on it if Maxim has anything to say about it! But at least he sees that it must be FUN!
(It's hard to see but the old tennis ball is hidden in Maxim's mouth!)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Labrador Retrievers!

Well, I’ve been back in Ohio for a week plus a couple days now. Such a short time seems like a month!

After a few hiccups the first couple days when we were catching up on shopping housekeeping and doctor visits, we have all slipped back into the routine. The nice thing is that Rach is in Management Training so she has regular hours. She leaves at seven forty five and is back at six fifteen. Today is Saturday and she is OFF. How great is that?

She and Michael like being together in the evening and on weekends. And it is nice. We have company for the next couple days- Jess and his brother? friend? old roommate – have come to visit. Jess brought along his ‘new’ dog, Biff.

Biff is the result of several weeks/months of searching. Jess liked Maxim so well he wanted a chocolate Lab, too. One of the sad things is that a lot of people see these beautiful dogs and get all excited about the noble, obedient, calm dog walking quietly beside his master. If the did their home work they would discover that the noble, obedient, calm animal they are looking at is the result of about three years of patience and training.

Labrador retrievers are very energetic and intelligent. The combination makes for months of enthusiastic and careless destruction. Tails wipe knick-knacks off tables and shelves. Swinging behinds knock over stools. Bouncing bodies run into toddlers and hit you in the back of the knees at unexpected moments. This is not to say that Labs cannot be trained, but it takes a lot of patience to restrain and focus the energy without breaking the dog’s spirit.

Labs also like to carry things. They aren’t terrible chewers but they will pick up anything that is loose and within their reach. Balls, toys, rugs, and random objects are carried around the house and dropped in haphazard places. My Labs have carried dog toys, kid toys, sticks, chance stones and small animals. I had one Lab who loved to carry his favorite kitten around in his mouth—he never hurt it, just carried it around fully enclosed by those big teeth and lips with a little yellow tail hanging out. The kitten didn’t seem to mind at all and slept on Aspen. That was cute, but Lab pups have to be taught to drop things from their mouth at an early age because some things are not meant to be clutched in a moist mouth-not even gently.

Many enthusiastic, but foolish, new lab owners find themselves with a cute little puppy which grows too quickly into a good sized dog that is like a bull in a china shop and they cannot deal with the activity level. After a few weeks of futile screaming and crating and kenneling and frustration, they end up ‘getting rid’ of the dog. Unfortunately this usually means sending the dog to the pound. That’s sad. A Lab is a wonderful animal devoted to his family or owner, willing to obey and enthusiastic about playing. He will hike with his Human, swim, retrieve anything and nap, happiest when he is close by. But it requires months of patient training to have that dog. Most people aren’t willing to put in the time.

The only positive result of an abandoned dog is that Jess found himself a gorgeous chocolate Lab. It is still a little “over eager” and “excessively enthusiastic” at nine months old, but he is friendly and obedient in what he has learned so far. Jess is willing to put up with the enthusiasm and spend the time training him. He came last night and wore Maxim out in just a few hours. That is Biff wore Maxim out-not Jess.

I’m anxious to hear how he does today. Everyone is taking the dogs swimming on the other side of the reservoir. That’s one of Maxim’s favorite treats and Biff has never been swimming. He is going to love it.

If you want a dog, you can’t beat a Labrador Retriever-yellow, black or chocolate. BUT don’t get one if you are not willing to put up with the busy-ness and innocent destruction for the time it takes to train it. And don’t get one if you are not able or willing to give the dog as much exercise as it needs. Maxim gets time in our yard everyday retrieving far flung balls and frizbees and big plastic horseshoes. Plus he gets regular trips to the reservoir for swimming and hiking. Biff gets a two hour walk every night and would gladly take more. Lots of exercise is vital if you want a Lab. Otherwise you will end up with a destructive dog or one that gets dumped in a pound.

Later in the day

Biff and Maxim came back from the reservoir soaking wet and happy as clams. Maxim immediately went and sacked out under his favorite magnolia tree. He was pooped! Biff, however, was tired but still willing to socialize and chase a ball. Jess has only had him three weeks and he isn’t very well socialized or focused on humans yet. The people that owned him previously kept him in a crate or kennel all the time and did nothing with him. So Biff is learning to focus on the human who is talking to him. In just a little while with Rachael he learned to make tentative eye contact and watch for what he was supposed to do. He isn’t real good at retrieving (Incomprehensible! A lab who doesn’t chase a ball and bring it back for more) but in just a little while Rachael had him listening to her and at least tryng to figure out what she wanted.

Maxim went to bed a tired old boy. Biff went to bed pleasantly tired. Oh, to be a pup forever!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last catch-up post. After this, I'm back in Ohio

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

One thing I must say about being here this summer: I LOVE my son dearly. He works hard long days but he has always taken a little time to be sure and check to see if I have the things I need. He called again today, as he has everyday this week, to make sure the house was cool and I was comfortable.

Really, the swamp cooler works very well. Only on Monday did the water go off. And that was because Kerra left the water on when she watered the roses out side. Well, the water itself wasn’t running, but the pressure tank valve was open—which in turned drained the pressure which gave NO water for the cooler units. (Luckily, the pump turned off when the pressure dropped too low instead of trying to keep pumping water) And of course, THAT made the house hot. He has worried about me here ever since.

I did have a really bad response to the heat a week ago Sunday. When we went for that ride, it nearly wiped me out. My reaction to it still kinda worries me. I know he is thinking about that when he calls. And I love him for it.

There is a nice breeze from the north here. I believe it blows all the way across from the Sandias. Now it isn’t always cold, but it does keep things cool—especially when it is sucked into the swamp coolers and then sent into the house with its load of coolness.

And now that I’ve learned to manage the weather again, I am leaving. I have mixed feelings. Parts of my time, and I won’t go into that, have been difficult, but other parts have been wonderful. I will never stop loving New Mexico or the desert. There is nothing in the world as beautiful.

Thursday June 10, 2010

Last day… I’m anxious to see Rachael and Michael, but even still with everything, I hate to leave Notah’s. I sat outside this morning for the last time probably, although I may get time tomorrow morning. I’m packing my clothes, etc. today-getting everything together.

I hate having my kids on separate ends of the world. My heart aches no matter where I am.

This is all till I’m back in Ohio.

crazy dogs, crazy grandma!

Remember, these are 'catch-up" posts from when we were moving in Belen.

Tuesday afternoon, June 8
I tried to take Chloe out in the western courtyard this morning while I sat out there. THAT was confusion redefined!

First I got my coffee and my birdbook and my binoculars and went out calling the dogs. Huck came and Gable came, except little Miss Contrary Ears was too busy chewing on her pink pillow to come. So I put my things on the bench and came back to get her. There was some fuss with the new lead which she didn’t like AT ALL. When we finally got out the door,--not without an exorbitant amount of screeching from Chloe like the leash was killing her, I discovered Sadie was in the courtyard. She has found a place to squeeze through the gate from the eastern side. I put her in the house and discovered Gable was gone! And Thain was rattling the gate because he couldn’t get through.

Good grief. Why do I even try? I called a couple times—no Gabe. I put Chloe back inside, made Sadie go back inside. Let Huck wander. He doesn’t know which end is up anyway; I didn’t even want to try to mess with him.

I called Gabe again, went to the gate by the garage and called. No little black and white dog that way. I started back down the courtyard and as I went around the corner I heard a gate rattle a little bit and here came Gabriel Felix! Puffing! He either went through Sadie’s hole or found one of his own. He must have gone a ways because he had hustled to get back. But there he was all proud of himself. I gave him a treat and put HIM in the house.

Finally I sat down with Huck to drink my coffee and see what birds were out. And about the second thing I did then was slop my coffee! Merciful Pete! And with all that ruckus every bird on our eleven acres had headed for safer territory! I saw a couple flycatchers and the I-think-maybe-it’s-a-light-colored-mockingbird, but mostly I rested up from all the chaos. When my coffee was gone, I went back inside.

Don’t get me wrong. All of our dogs are good—well, except maybe Chloe, but she is too small and cute to beat yet. Besides she really isn’t bad, just doesn’t know quite what she’s supposed to do. The thing is they are still dogs and do the things that dogs do-check out every wandering smell, pee on every available bush and truck around following scent trails. And all of those things tend to get them in trouble sometimes—especially with grandmas who can’t get around very well. Sigh. . .

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Monday Evening

There was something wrong with the water this morning (Monday) . Kerra used the outside hose to water the roses early this morning. When I went to the bathroom after she left, there was no water. I sent Notah a text asking if I should turn off the cooler pumps. He said, “Yes!” When he called Kerra she remembered that she hadn’t turned the water off outside… That probably drained the pressure. So I went and turned that outside faucet off.

I got the bright idea of wetting a towel and hanging it over the fan-- same effect as the cooler, moving dry air over or through water. It cooled the living room comfortably

4:22 PM

Kerra got home about 230 and began fiddling with the water. She checked the irrigation lines and made sure they were off. She checked the cooler pumps and made sure they were off. Finally she trekked over to the well room to look at the actual water pump.

She found a reset switch! She wasn’t sure what it was or even if it was the right thing. She took the electric cord in one hand and turned the switch with the other, figuring if it was the wrong thing and the pressure started to go up too fast, she could yank the plug. Luckily, the switch was the right one, the pump came on; the pressure went up to fifty pounds and stayed there. The pump turned off. YAY. When she came inside we turned the water on and we had water!

Now she is busy cleaning up the sand and dust accumulated from a week of emptiness and two days of carrying in furniture. The house is cooler and it looks as though the weather outside is cooling off. There even seems to be a lot of sand blowing across the base of the mountains.

The day is winding down. I’m glad Notah won’t have to worry with the water when he gets home. I feel sorry for him. He seems to work really hard and no one seems to appreciate it. They just always want more. I felt real sorry for him this morning. Not only did he get up at five o’clock after working hard all weekend, but he didn’t even have any coffee made. He had to make his own coffee! I felt bad that I had fallen asleep last night before I thought of it. I used to make sure that he had coffee when he came out to go in the morning. I haven’t really been myself since last week when I got sick from being too hot. I should have wakened up long enough before him to put the pot on! But I’ll be gone next week. Who will make sure he has coffee then?

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Rachael arrives in only a couple more days. She and Michael will get into Albuquerque on Thursday. They are planning to celebrate their wedding anniversary by going up to the top of Sandia where they were married, hiking around there and then having dinner someplace nice. Then on Friday morning they’ll come after me and, I guess, head on out to Gallup. I thought that they wanted to drive through Chaco Canyon on the way, but maybe not… I’m along for the ride where ever they go.

I’m trying to soak up all the birds and sagebrush and yucca and sand that I can in these few days left to me. This new house is small and I don’t know exactly where they will put me next year when I come…if I can come. For these few days I don’t really have a room. I have my dresser in Keva’s room and my duffel and suitcase in the kids’ bathroom. I’ve been comfortable in the recliner but I don’t have anyplace that is organized and quiet. I’m stressed when everything is in a jumble and I have to watch where I put my crutch tips to be sure it doesn’t catch or get tangled or slip on something. And even though they have given Keva orders to keep a pathway clear, her room is in as much chaos as it was on Angelo. That bothers me. By next year Keva will be so well settled in that I won’t be able to stand it at all. I don’t think that even if they move her out for next year I’ll be able to get comfortable; she just won’t be able to move all her stuff so it can be the more organized kind of room I relax in.. I am not going to bug Notah about it though. He has enough to worry about. I’ll just pray that something happens before then.

Well, Seth is up. I guess it is ten o’clock! Didn’t realize time had passed so quickly. I was out in the east yard early, before K & K left for summer school. This morning I identified a western kingbird and a western flycatcher. There is another gray bird that seems too light for a mockingbird but I haven’t figured out if it is simply a different color variety or if it’s another species entirely. I still haven’t seen that Bullocks Oriole that Notah saw in the tree. The little Says Phoebe is getting used to having people out there and is now coming and going in her nest without too much trouble.
10:00 AM on Monday still

I ate my breakfast in the courtyard again. It is so quiet--only the sounds of the desert. Gable went out with me, of course. He wandered around among the plants and checked back every little while to see if I had dropped something or had a bite for him. I ate my sandwich of meat and cheese on high fiber bread and drank my coffee. When I finished the sandwich he decided that there would be nothing else forthcoming and went clear down to the end of the courtyard on the other side of the big tree. I sat and drank my coffee and watched the birds coming and going.

There are birds everywhere! When I first went out, there was nothing but as I sat there quietly they began to come back. There is, for sure, a Says Phoebe. I also saw a dusky flycatcher. I believe the phoebe has the nest over the door. I saw another mockingbird there on the western side of the house. This one seems to have a nest in the big-tree-that-I-don’t-know-the-name-of. The other two mockingbirds have their homes on the eastern side. The meadowlarks seem to come and go. There are several birds that I haven’t seen well enough to attach a name yet. What a way to have breakfast!

When I finished my coffee I called Gabe back by asking in a conversational tone if he would like a little bit of coffee. He KNOWS what coffee is. He used to steal mine all the time until I started using the narrow topped travel mugs with the lids. Now he doesn’t get nearly as much as he would like. Whenever I finish my coffee in a big open cup I always leave a teaspoonful or so and ask if he would like some. He didn’t need an second invitation but hustled right back down to me. Then we got up and came inside so the mama phoebe could get to her nestlings.
Remember, these are 'catch-up" posts from when we were moving in Belen.

Monday, June 07, 2010

It’s cloudy over the Manzano Mountains this morning. Yesterday the sun popped above the horizon at six twenty. Although it was very hot during the day about six thirty in the evening clouds started rolling over top of the mountains and shadows flowed down the slopes. With the clouds came a welcomed coolness. I didn’t expect it to last until this morning though.

So now, even though it is nearly seven the overcast remains and the day is off to a cool start.

Poor Notah and Kerra! They have had a lone weekend. From the time Kerra picked up the keys to the new house on Friday evening they have been packing and hauling household. On Friday when she went after the keys, Kerra took a load of boxes with her! She picked up a pizza as she came back home and fed us then went back to packing boxes. When Notah came home from work he brought a moving truck with him. It had a household shipment on it for early morning delivery and then he intended to begin packing it with our stuff. Saturday morning Notah was up at his usual break of day wake up time and a few minutes later Kerra staggered out. The boys were up soon after that. Keva, like almost every other teen-aged girl in the country, finally had to be rousted out at eight thirty!

But it wasn’t long before they were all busy. Kerra had most of the van full of boxes and just clothes and piles of bedding laid across seats. Before seven she had headed on out to the Mallette house. Notah took his delivery to the house in Belen and by the time Kerra was back he had it backed up by our fence and was putting furniture on it. For the next three hours they loaded most of the house onto the truck.

At one thirty the DirecTV man was due to arrive with the new satellite so Kerra kept watching the clock. The last thing to go on that first load was my chair! Then they put me in the only empty seat in the van with Gable on my lap and we headed out to the new house. On our way there, the DirecTV man called to say he was about 15 minutes out. We beat him there by about 15 minutes.

I sat on the cooler for a little while until Notah got there with the chair. They situated me in the middle of the living room and started carrying in stuff. Why the middle of the room? Notah said they had to put the sofa etc. along the walls, then they could move me. Then there were trips and trips and trips from the van and the truck to the house. And when that was emptied, they rested and ate a couple snacks then went back for another load. Notah wanted to get his big snake moved in the cool of the day. It was 103 during the day.

Sunday morning they slept in until about seven. Then it was up and at ‘em. Notah and Kerra went out to unload the snakes and Seth and Zach got up and made themselves breakfast. Keva kept on sleeping in spite of people and dogs traipsing through her room.
When the snakes were unloaded Notah and Kerra went back for more and more and more. Notah’s goal was to get finished and have time to relax for a while in the evening.

By seven thirty on Sunday they were back with the rest of the snakes and most of the stuff still in the old house. Peepers and Tiny Tiger came with the last trip. They settled in with hardly a quiver. So all of the important ‘people’ were moved.

We did Blake’s for supper while we watched a recorded Doctor Who episode.

Notah and Kerra went to bed. Keva thought maybe she would watch the rest of her episode of Monk, but when she heard she had to get up with her mom for summer school she went to bed, too. Seth thought he would watch the Wizards of Waverly, but when I came back from the bathroom he was asleep on the couch. So no one was left but me and even though I didn’t do any actual WORK, I was tired too.

And this morning, Notah came out at five to go to work and Kerra was up at six-thirty. She woke Keva up when she came out. Now it’s just me ‘n’ Seth. He’s still sleeping and I’m still watching the morning coming up.

Chloe is bopping around chasing the cat and finding odd bits of paper to shred. Thain and Sadie are already relaxing on the love seat, looking out the window. Huck is at Seth’s feet. Gable is on my lap. And that promises to be our day.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The sun popped over the mountains at exactly 6:20 this morning. I know because it hit me in the face! I sat here a few minutes, just enjoying the feel of it. Six thirty in the morning is the only time of day right now when you can actually enjoy the sun for any length of time. Later on it becomes uncomfortable in just a short while. For the rest of the day our house is shady and cool. Why anyone would build and live in a frame house in NM is beyond me. This house is about 15 degrees cooler than the one on Angelo. Stucco is definitely the only way to go!

About the time I decided to get up and go to the bathroom to get my day started Notah came out with Thain and Sadie. Chloe yipped to let him know she wanted out too! LOL she is so small and thinks she is so big. She’s still only about the size of Thain’s nose! Anyway, Notah picked her up and took her along to the eastern yard.

The door for that direction opens through Keva’s room. All I can say is that she is a very determined sleeper; she disregarded four dogs and a noisy puppy, a big man and a grandma all traipsing around her room this morning.

The dogs love the new surroundings. There are lots of things to see and sniff and lift their legs on. Notah had to make Huck come in last night. He’s old and it takes him longer to make his rounds. He wasn’t finished peeing on all the necessary spots.

Kerra got up soon after Notah and I. She made coffee while Notah strolled around outside for a few minutes and enjoyed the early morning sun.

After my shower, I took my breakfast outside in the western courtyard. Notah put the big cooler against the wall for me to sit on. Gable came too. The other dogs were confined to the other side of the house because there are so many things in the courtyard that Kerra doesn’t want peed on. Only Gable was allowed to truck around out there because he stayed close to me. I had the goodies.

There is a Bullock’s oriole nest in the one tree. Notah saw the bird but by the time I got to the window it was gone. I watched for it the whole time I was sitting outside, but no luck--! I did see a Says Phoebe in the locust tree and the dead tree beside it. There is a new in the corner that, I believe, it owns.

There is an abundance of birds all around the house. We’ve seen several mockingbirds (No, not one bird several times, but several birds at the same time in quick succession.) And also we’ve seen several western meadowlarks. ‘Meadow’ is not a word I apply the southwestern desert, but meadowlarks we have-bunches of them. I also believe I heard a catbird. There are no cats around here yet and this certainly sounded like one. This is a little far south for catbirds I think, but it is hard to tell from those little maps in the bird books. I mean, exactly where does that blue edge end? It is hard to tell. If it is a cat bird, I’m sure we will hear it again and probably see it. They aren’t usually too shy; at least not in Ohio.

I hope that sometime in the future Notah and Kerra will put some sort of water feature in their eastern yard. The birds already come to the only-slightly-damp well that has the faucet for the irrigation system. If there was a birdbath or little tiny fountain type arrangement I know the birds would flock to it.

Speaking of attracting the birds, I put several pieces of apple on the top of the wall this morning. I hope the orioles find them. I’ll go see in a few minutes.

Early this morning Notah and Kerra unloaded the snakes he moved last night and left on the truck. They’ve gone now to get the Big Mama Sulawesi python. She is huge and weighs a ton--well not literally, but you get the idea. Kerra is worried that she may not be able to carry her end of the cage as far as they have to move it. The cage itself is about nine feet long and holds several loops of big snake. Once she is over here the bulk of the moving will be done.

Of course, Peepers and Tiny Tiger still have to come. The dogs took the move pretty much in stride. I wonder what the cats will have to say about the new house. Tiny Tiger spent yesterday morning hiding somewhere in Kerra and Notah’s end of the house.

Seth and his friend, Zack, are playing in his room. Keva is still sleeping. Like I said, she is a very determined sleeper. I’m here in my recliner writing about our First Day in the House on Mallette Road.

All of the dogs have sacked out for the day. After two hours of running around outside (for everyone but Chloe) they are ready for their morning naps. Chloe ran around but most of her exercise was in the house. The fence has yet to be ‘Chloe-proofed’ There are no holes the big dogs can get through but Chloe can go through or under almost any place she decides to duck into. She is very small. Even Gable can get through the gates if he wants. As long as I’m around he stays in my general vicinity, but if he was out there unsupervised it wouldn’t be long until he found a spot that leads to the outside world.

There is one walk-way that is about three feet wide with no fence at all. I’m sure it was convenient when the other people lived here, but now it is no good at all. Kerra has been worrying about fencing it but I just thought of laying up several courses of cement blocks! There are bunches of them stacked around in various places. They could just be dry stacked to block that walkway. Then later when Notah has time, he can figure out a fence and use the blocks for whatever else he needs them. What a bright idea!

We have mountains on three sides of our new house. The Manzanos are directly east. The Ladrones Peak is to the west and I believe the Pinos are to the south. The Manzanos are just a quick jaunt away. If I had a horse I could ride around over there every day, but even by car you can drive over. It takes a bit longer that way because you have to stick to the established road.
The Pinos and the Ladrones are further away. It would take a half day trip to reach them. But still, they are there! I think most people from back east would not find our country beautiful. It is full of scrub and sagebrush and clumpy shaggy grasses, but we love it.

Rachael will be here in just a few days to get me, but I do get to enjoy it for a while

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Well, It is moving day here in Belen. We are going to the new house right now!

I know that they plan to have ME in the new house tonight…. And I think everyone else too. I mean they’re moving the beds… There will be no place to sleep here.

Kerra left about seven o’clock with a load of stuff in the Izuzu. She should be back soon for another load. Since it is only a matter of about 20 minutes away, they aren’t packing things in boxes…Just taking it out of the closets and laying it on the seats, then carrying it back in again and hanging it up in the Manzano house.

Notah brought a moving truck home with him last night. He is delivering a load of household stuff to someone here in Belen and then he will bring the truck back and load furniture. I wish he had another guy to help him manhandle furniture. Kerra will help, but she’s only like 5’1” and doesn’t have a lot of bulk to handle the end of a sofa… Seth and Keva will help too, but they are kids.

I am situated still here in my chair. I have all the loose stuff of mine packed in a suitcase or bag and I’m ready to be moved. I’ll be sitting in my camp chair for a while and then back to my recliner in the new house! And I can look out the window at the Manzanos. I can hardly wait!

This move, like my last one, involves me sitting and watching people do the work. What a way to move houses!

I guess that’s all to day.