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Friday, January 7, 2011


Last evening Rachael came back from the grocery. She called and said I should stay in my room a ‘minute’ while she changed her clothes and vacuumed the living room and den. Then she hustled upstairs and I could hear her when she ran the vacuum quickly up there. Then she came down and grabbed the sweeper here and cleaned up. By that time I was standing up and getting ready to go in the kitchen.
I thought while she was doing that how positions in life change. Twenty five years ago I was the one running the vacuum and putting groceries away. Now I sit at the counter and watch and provide background conversation.
While I was involved with preschool/daycare I had arrived at the conclusion that the younger generation now was a failure. Everyday I met parents who weren’t really grown up yet. They walked in with constant excuses for their life. This person did them wrong. That thing didn’t happen when it should. The ‘check’ didn’t come on time. The boss didn’t like them so she didn’t give them enough hours. Their boyfriend/ girlfriend kicked them out and they had no place to live. The lousy lady at JFS didn’t approve their food stamp quota. They didn’t have enough money for gas. AND YET! Their nails were done with extensions and ceramic polish. Their hair was carefully cut and tinted and highlighted. They put their cigarettes out before they walked in the door and lit another as they walked out. They drove better cars than I did. They talked about what they did the night before or their plans for the next weekend. By and large they acted like over-indulged children who had and took no control of their lives.
My son and daughter have restored my hope for the future. The Lord promised me I’d live to see my kids grown to become responsible, viable, godly adults. And now I look with amazement at Michael and Rachael as they do everything right and responsibly. I look at Notah who took not only a wife but two little kids who desperately needed a daddy. Now they have a good family in a great home and Notah has demonstrated that he is a grown-up. He and Kerra are raising good kids and seeing to it that they are in church and growing up in the nurture of the Lord. They aren’t overly indulgent of them, nor are they overly strict with them. Notah has become a good parent, even though Seth and Keva weren’t his to begin with, they are most certainly his now! 
I really don’t mind the shift in position. I love being grandma. I love letting my kids and kids in law make the decisions and then following along with them. Why? Because the decisions they make are good ones. I don’t see them deciding to do foolish things. I don’t see them living self indulgent lives. I’ve never had a reason to second guess any of them. They’ve chosen to live lives pleasing to God and that is the best choice.
The Lord does keep His promises!!

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