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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

surgery preliminaries

I had a very difficult day yesterday. That was my appointment for my pre-surgery physical and mobility evaluation. The day began at7:00 when I had to be at General Medical Consultants for my medical checks. Although it took almost two hours the results were excellent. The doctor actually seemed surprised to find my heart was normal and so was my pulmonary system. He asked if I had had any surgeries in the last three years, when I said no he went back longer and read off a long list of possibilities. And to each one I said no.
He referred to my chart and said, “That’s surprising! You are … 65 and never had any problems.” He double checked and sure enough it was true.   I've praised the Lord many times for His care over me through the years and here I was given definite verfication of those praises.
Then he checked the pulse in my lower legs and feet. I assume he was checking my pulse because he put his stethoscope at pulse points along my legs and feet. I was a little worried about what he might find with my circulation because my knees swell so often and sometimes I think the swelling cuts off the blood flow to my feet. But with both legs he remarked in a surprised voice, “Good!” “Very good!”
From my medical exam I went to the physical therapy section to have the range of motion in my knees checked and also to be given a series of exercises to begin practicing before surgery so that I could control swelling afterwards. A very nice young woman took me through those and answered several questions I had regarding rehabilitation.
The only problem with the whole process was the amount of walking that was necessary and the amount of time I had to spend sitting with my knees bent. Both of those activities cause severe pain in my knees. The more my knees hurt the more pressure I put on my shoulders and elbows to lessen the pressure on my knees. In spite of having all of the offices in one building I had quite a bit of walking to do. By the time I got home I was hurting pretty bad.
I took off those hateful pants that I had worn for the sake of modesty while I was rolling around on various exam tables and put on my comfortable dress. I grabbed a quick lunch and went to sit down. In spite of putting my legs up and supporting my elbows and shoulders I still hurt. I took aspirin and ibuprophen for the inflammation and pain. The pain receded but not completely. Two aspirin and two ibuprophen at once is a pretty hefty dose so I didn’t dare to take any more for six hours. Then I took two vicodin. Now the acetaminophen in vicodin may not do me any good at all, but the codeine certainly does! I was still so totally relaxed this morning that I wondered if my legs would hold me when I got up!
But God is good. I was actually surprised (I don’t really know why) to find everything looking so good for the surgery. Even my blood pressure was a very nice 126/73.
Today I am sitting with my feet up recovering from the effects of the pain drugs. LOL

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  1. So glad to hear that everything went well. When do you think you'll be having the surgery. Will they do one knee and allow recovery before they do the other?