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Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'm back

Well, it’s been a while since I did any blogging.  I don’t remember how long. I got involved in a couple things, then I went to be with Notah and his family and one thing followed another.  Time really gets away from you!
Back in March or April I began writing a book.  Yeah, a book.  Amazing isn’t it.  Over the years I’ve read thousands of books. Those in my library alone number two or three hundred and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Inevitably, although I didn’t seek them out, I got ahold of a few modern romances.  It is appalling to me the pornography that passes for romance in today’s world.  God had a plan for love and marriage and creating families.  And it comes in just that order.  The ‘creating families’ part doesn’t come before marriage.  Nor was it designed to be a social recreation.
Anyway, having read a couple of those ‘modern’ romances and tossed more than a couple, I decided I could do a better job and still present love and courtship in the way God designed it. So that’s where I’ve been—writing a Christian Romance.  It started out as one, but then it evolved into a ‘saga’ (*smile*) of the family of Eli and Ellen Slade.  It just kinda wrote itself.  But I had to keep going until it was finished.. Took me eight months, but now I have a neat story.  And it isn’t just a story, it’s three books—over a thousand standard sized pages:  “Refuge from the Storm,”  “Los Llanos” and “Heritage.”    
I guess I did it for fun and my own gratification in finding I really could.  The story was very compelling for me and once I started I simply had no stopping place. I had to keep going until it was finished in fact I couldn’t focus on anything else.  And now you know what I’ve been doing for the last however many months. 
Any one who is interested in reading them leave me a comment and use the contact me button on the top left of the blog.  Or you can check out the blog: Refuge from the Storm  (http://refugefromstorm.blogspot.com/ )   
                                              (This is the banner piece for "Refuge")  
It has the entire text of the book there, but, blogs being designed the way they are, you have to read backwards starting back in June of 2012.  (If there’s a way to reverse the posts, I haven’t been able to find it.)  If you love New Mexico, it will probably make you homesick.
I'll be around more now.

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