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Sunday, June 7, 2009

pictures from home

We had a family dinner on Saturday. lots of good things to eat and people came and went all afternoon. Some even brought presents! Keva took my pictures for me, not as good a representation of everyone who was there, but I guess she got the people who were important to her!

Helen was the supervisor of the whole thing. She has been feeding people for as long as I've known her! The young women all pitch in and help. Even Notah got commandeered as fire keeper!

And of course when you have food, there are always kids looking for handouts or just sniffing the good smells. DJ and Seth were no different!

Kathryn, Lenora and Notah on cooking duty.

Green Chilies! You always have to have chilies! Kerra said how many should I get and I said as many as we can afford. Everybody will eat a whole one, even the kids if they're allowed!
I ordered mutton. I've been wanting it for months--real southwest mutton, seasoned with sage and greasewood. It was too windy to build a fire to gille it, but Notah laid juniper and pinion wood wood across the charcoal to flavor it!

A lucky few got to eat in the hogan after the kids had finished

My sisters-in-law, probably the two people I love most in the world after my kids. Helen is 63, a year younger that I am, Dorothy is 71.

Helen, and Lenora and me with DJ, Seth and Keva. Can you find the white kid?
Maybe more of these later. Gotta go now.

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