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Thursday, July 29, 2010

This isn't our house, just the doors are similar to the ones we got.

Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him. Matt. 6:8

Last year, maybe two years ago, I guess, Rachael and Michael bought a house. They got one appreciably larger than the one they were living in, but they did that especially so they could make a place for me. I have my own huge sitting/bedroom with an attached bath and vanity area and a humongous walk-in closet that I’ve turned into a library! My clothes occupy a singe rod on half of one wall of the closet. The entire back wall is shelving for my books and Michael has promised that he will get shelves installed on the adjacent wall opposite my dresses for the rest of my books.

The house was appraised at a much higher price than was on it because the owner wanted to get it off his hands and there were some minor TLC projects needed. The Lord gave them the house in a matter of probably two hours from the time they gave their realtor the first offer until it was accepted. When the Lord undertakes something, it happens right now!! I believe He blessed the espcially because they were willing to make a home for me.

Michael has done a lot of work on the house to make it what they wanted. He and Rachael were willing to put in the time and labor in building a privacy fence around the big back yard, pulling the ugly bushes out of the front landscaping and replacing them with nice plants, re-arranging and remodeling the kitchen cupboards. And it is beautiful—an investment that will definitely give them an excellent profit when they are ready to sell it.

Anyway, shortly after we moved in we discovered that the one door onto the deck would need replacing soon. It is the one which receives all the weather, rain, snow and sun. When we rearranged the dining room Michael pulled back the carpet and discovered the replacement needed to be done sooner rather than later! ( I say ‘we’ but really it was R & M not including me) The problem is that the big double patio type doors which will match the house cost in the neighborhood of $2000. That is without the framing and threshold and floor replacement that will probably be needed. So it is going to be an appreciable expense. They have been worrying about this ever since last winter, trying to figure out where to find the money for the project without putting the cost on credit cards or a loan.

A few weeks ago some friends from Dover came to visit and during the course of the visit, naturally, R & M showed them around our pretty house. When they went out on the deck, Michael mentioned the problem with the door. I didn’t know, and I don’t think Michael and Rachael knew, but Steve works for a door manufacturing company! He said that periodically the employees can pick up returned doors or one that has a minor cosmetic defect for a greatly reduced price! He volunteered to see if he could get one for us! How great is that!

He said he would ask his boss about getting one the next time a set of double doors became available!

When he spoke to his boss about it, I guess, the man wasn’t too encouraging and said they didn’t have a lot of those type doors come back. Steve said he would just wait and see.

WELL! That man doesn’t know how our Lord works! Just last week a door was returned! Steve called to say the door had been returned because it didn’t fit the space that it had been ordered for! He could have it for about ¼ of the retail cost! I was so blessed! How the Lord supplies our needs in just the right time! And we hadn’t even made it a serious matter of prayer- just left it there before Him.

The Lord has blessed me that way over and over and over during the years. He has supplied all kinds of needs just in the nick of time. He has fixed cars and typewriters and healed kids and puppies and guinea pigs. He protected me driving five miles with a broken tie rod on my steering. We serve a wonderful Lord.

I’m posting a picture of doors which look like ours. When Ours are in I’ll post a picture of them!

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