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Saturday, August 7, 2010

one sinner has come home!

I’m rejoicing this morning thinking about how good the Lord is to us. Last night at midnight Lucinda called to tell me she was being baptized this Sunday. She sounded so joyful when she began talking to me I couldn’t imagine what she was calling about at that time of night. (It passed through my mind that maybe she was pregnant although her husband has grown kids and Lucinda said she is satisfied without kids. )

She said “I’m sorry to call so late. I told Roy it was too late, but he said, ‘Call your Auntie. She said to call any time.’ So I’m calling to tell you I’m being baptized on Sunday!” And suddenly it all became clear! She didn’t know the right words, to say but the joy in her voice made it all apparent. I’ve talked with Roy enough to know he would not let her be baptized if she hadn’t gotten saved. He has been the instrument of her coming to the Lord. I don’t believe she had ever been to church until she met him. And now look!

I was looking for the song, “The angels up in heaven are rejoicing round the throne, filling the courts with songs so grand. They’re rejoicing because of one lost soul who has come home. I know there must be joy in that land!” If someone knows where it is on youtube or someplace else, send it to me. That’s exactly what was going through my mind last night!

While I was looking I found this: “It’s a Song Holy Angels Cannot Sing!” I’ve heard it over and over, but each time it blesses me to think that with all their glory in the beauty of heaven, YET they can never know the same joy we have when our sins are forgiven!
Listen and think about it! They will never know the words to “Love Lifted Me”! If it doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, check your relationship with the Lord!

(Sorry, some day I'll learn how to embed them to show up right here, meantime you'lll have to click and go to the actual Youtube site. )

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  1. Love your enthusiasm and joy in the Lord!