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Friday, September 10, 2010


Sometimes we are blessed with little bits of beauty that we walk past and never think about.  Today a ran into one of those.  But I had to stop.

Rachael and Michael's house has a big corner of the living room that is all window. It is the front corner, facing the street and also facing east.  When I got up to send Michael off to work this morning it was dark.  Well, not really dark dark, but only dim and gray. 

I made his coffee, got his "Bagelful"  ready for the microwave, and packed his lunch. (Lazy Rachael is off today and stayed in bed!  :-)  )   I also fixed myself some breakfast.  He left. 

When I had finished eating I got myself another cup of coffee and headed back to my room.  As I came down the short hall I was hit with a blaze of sunlight.  It was streaming through the trees off the reservoir and sparkling all across our living room.  It was so bright it reflected off Rachael's wall of photographs.

I had to stand just a couple minutes and enjoy it.  God didn't have to make such a beautiful world! 

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