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Thursday, February 3, 2011

872. My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less- Hamilton Landrum, song leader

Sometimes a song just sits on your soul and you can play it over and over and the blessings just keep flowing. This song did that for me tonight. This must be the third or fourth time I've played it and the words just keep blessing me.
hope is built on NOTHING LESS than Jesus blood and righteousness." What better more solid more wonderful basis could my hope rest on?
When darkness veils his Face I REST on his UNFAILING GRACE! I can't see it, but I  know it won't fail and it won't waver.
When all around my soul gives way, HE IS ALL MY HOPE! Just listen to that! Doesn't it just reverberate in your soul? Don't the praises just bubble out! Maybe not in loud noise or jumping up and down, but just bubble up like a pot slowly simmering with little bubbles of joy bursting on top!
Listen again. And keep listening until you have cleared every thing with the Lord and you KNOW this is where your hope lies!

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