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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy in the Lord

I am happy in the Lord since my sins are washed away. And the love of God is filling all my soul . . . .Happy in the Savior! I am happy in the Savior I am happy in the Savior. I am happy in the Lord.
Lots of times I wake up with a song going through my head. I haven’t heard this one for many years. It was one of the favorites we used to sing at the Carrolton church a long, long time ago. I can still see sister Fry at the piano and brother Dean leading singing. I heard recently that the congregation has declined to a very few. That makes me sad but no group can deny the man of God and prosper for long.

BUT today I am happy in the Lord. I just sat down and Gable came looking up at me, asking to be in my chair. All it took was a little pat and up he came. He used to lay on my legs but his little weight makes my knees hurt unbelievably so he has learned to snuggle down between me and the arm of my chair. It’s much cozier and warm there anyway. On days like today warm is a good thing!

Two days of icy rain and icy roads and cold are pretty much over. The sun is shining now and the cold, although it is still in the low teens thermometer wise, is crisp and energizing.

Michael went off to work this morning none the worse for his crash while he was taking the trash down. That is how treacherous the ice was. Our drive was has an easy slope and he was walking carefully along the edge where he thought he would have some traction. Famous last thought. The ice was so sharp where it had thawed and refroze and been driven over that it cut his hand like little bits of glass.

Rachael is due to go in to work early today. By course of elimination I think she is becoming her boss’s go-to-guy. First the associate manager (who we referred to as ‘the Slacker’) was transferred to another store, leaving only two co manager and the head. Now the other co- has been blessed with a new baby in the family so he has chosen to take his vacation now. That leaves only the manager and Rachael. So any difficulty that requires consultation with the rest of his ‘team’ means he and Rach must put their two heads together and figure it out! It also means that if there is a gap in coverage, the manager calls Rachael. There is no one else to call. I keep telling her when she grumbles to ‘hush.” It is only one more step toward her goal of having her own store. And THAT is when she will put in for a transfer to Albuquerque!!

I can hardly wait! To be able to visit back and forth with Notah and Rachael both! Right there in the same general area! To be able to go home with Notah for the weekend or the week and to see my grandkids as they are growing up. To be able to go to Gallup sometimes and see Helen and Dorothy and our family there. And most of all to live again in my desert.

With that happy thought I’m going to stop!

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