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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

it's over!

The good news is that we all survived Rachael's spring cleaning!  Our house is painted and scrubbed and re-arranged to her satisfaction!  I was exiled to the living room for only one afternoon and returned to a room that had been turned end for end and scrubbed to within 'an inch of its life.' 

The dogs and cats were totally confused for a couple days.  Nothing was where it was supposed to be!  The bed was on the wrong side of the room.  My chair sat facing a different direction, in the wrong place.  The dog beds had gone up to the washing machine for a well-deserved laundering so they were completely gone!  Cloudy's hidey hole behind the bureau was gone.  The bureau was in the opposite corner and Rachael had pushed it so close to the wall that he couldn't get behind it.  (Last  night, in defense of my beautiful bamboo plant and the photograph opposite it, I pulled the bureau out a couple inches, so that Cloudy could squeeze behind it.  He fits through a very skinny opening, but the little dogs require a wider one!  )  Chaos had torn thorugh their well ordered world.

Now everything is back in place, by which I mean, all my animals have gotten used to the new arrangements.   The dog beds have come back all clean and spiffy.  Zee ate two baby rats at one sitting and all is right with my world! 

My knee replacement is now six days away...

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