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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rachael and Michael came last evening and brought me a Starbucks. I asked for it because the coffee here is pure crap! It really is awful. The first couple meals I asked for it but then I gave up. It is just not worth drinking. But I regretted that coffee, as good as it was, all night long. I must have gone to the bathroom six times between 9:30 pm and 7:00 am! Good grief!
I’ve been thinking this morning about what in the world people must do when they don’t have a connection to the Lord. The occupational therapist came in yesterday and was commenting on how well I was doing. I told her I have been doing a lot of praying. She answered that I must have a direct line to God! And you know, I’ve never thought of that before, but it is absolutely true! I didn’t have any response to make except "Yes, I do."
Such a simple answer, but so full of meaning. I hoped at the time that she didn’t perceive it as arrogant or self righteous because there was simply no other answer! connection is so great to know. It is such a simple thing. Yes, I do have a direct line to the throne of God. I can come boldly before his throne to ask for help in time of need.
The world doesn’t have that assurance. Many of them do go to God in time of need, but they have no assurance about His answer. The have faith of a sort, but it is a blind faith; it is one of flinging a prayer into the air and hoping some eternal Being hears it and hoping they intervene in answer to it.
This surgery has been a fantastic open door to talking about what the Lord can do. Every one comments on the fact that my surgery was only a few days ago—three now. I can walk on the knee! It is stiff but it holds up longer than the right one which wasn’t operated on. The pain is less than what I have lived with for the last six years or so. This pain is not that bad. We have a fantastic God. I’ve thought sometimes, why doesn’t the Lord just heal this and have it over with. Well, now I know. Just look at the number of people who have found out what God can do for His Own!

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