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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Angels in Heaven are rejoicing 'round the throne

I  just had the most wonderful blessing! My friend, who I've dealt with off and on all day about living for the Lord and really selling out to Him, doing things HIS way and not her own way, earlier this evening called to say she had prayed it all out! Praise the Lord.

I said, "Are you completely right with God." and she said, with a joy in her voice, "I AM!"  

Isn't that great!
Now here is the icing on the cake. She just called back to say that she had gotten word that her husband, who is in jail, had gone to church there this evening. After a long day of wrestling with God and herself and the heartache of confusion one of her greatest burdens was that she loves this man. She said,  "What if I go to heaven and he goes to hell, it will break my heart."
I told her that SHE was to be the example to lead him to serve the Lord.... And she accepted that! WOW!
And now after all those tears, she finds that he took that first tiny step and went to church services at the jail. To be saved and then get that wonderful blessing all in the same day! I thought the lady ws going to explode!
Those of you who know the Lord REJOICE with me.  

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