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Friday, May 15, 2009


Peepers is busy looking out the window this morning. A couple days ago Notah replaced the screen in the window beside my chair. (Now I have a wonderful cross breeze between the kitchen window and this one.) Peepers is an inside cat, but she is fascinated by the Great Outdoors. Even an open door scares her; she’ll peer out but as soon as it seems that she is getting too close or that she might fall out, she runs back under a bed.

When Kerra got Peepers she was all white ( ooh, ooh, ooh! A little “gaalth baa’ii” just hopped by the window. THAT got her attention! ) Anyway, Peepers was all white with just the edges of her ears outlined in black. Ear-liner instead of eye-liner. Then, as she got older, color began to show on her body. Now she has irregular spots of tan and black scattered all over her and her tail is all dark brownie-black. I think she is more than a little Siamese.

Peepers is a wild thing. She tears around like her tail is on fire. And we think maybe the house is haunted because she will be sitting quietly and suddenly fly straight up into the air and take off. The only explanation is that a ghost pinched her!

There is an old red fuzzy tattered mouse that lies around the house. I don’t know where it is at the moment, but Peepers keeps track of it. From time to time it comes to life and attacks her! Then there is a wild battle all around the house, from one end to the other. I never knew a stuffed mouse could move so fast! Nor jump so high—above the counter sometimes!! But Peepers always manages to subdue it. I wonder who would protect us if she weren’t here.

Several mornings ago I woke up to find the mouse floating face down in the dogs’ water bowl. Guess she taught that mouse a lesson. Kerra fished it out and squeezed the water from it. I guess maybe it is drying out someplace.

Peepers is currently looking for a husband. Last night about midnight, she was sitting in the kitchen window very loudly calling for any one who would listen. I shushed her, but it won’t be long before she is yelling again. Such a noise from such a dainty lady. I’ll accept donations for her surgery….

So now Peepers is still on the window sill. She is resting her head against the screen. One ear is crumpled against the screen and her eyes are half closed. The rabbit disappeared but she is still staring at the spot where it was. Maybe she’s waiting for it to come back.

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