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Thursday, May 21, 2009

school's out!

Well. School is out here in Belen for another year. It is amazing how time goes along. I remember when I was a kid, I was visiting Ma and Pappy and I said something about a long time until Christmas. I believe it was mid-summer because I never stayed with them except during summer vacation.

Pappy laughed and said it would be here sooner than I thought. Time went faster and faster the older a person got. I could hardly believe that! He was too old to remember how slow time went.

Well now I know. Just a couple weeks ago, I was arriving here to visit, looking ahead toward three months visiting. Now it is down to just a bit more than a month! It has been nearly sixty days of bright blue mornings and windy afternoons, with the mocking bird singing in the kitchen tree and the road runner strutting past the front window.
I've spent the morning looking at Chinese food recipes. First I was looking at woks because Kerra got a good one in a auction bargain box so I was checking in to using that which led to a couple recipes. Then one of my diabetes sites posted a Sizzling Stir-Fry recipe and so I looked at a bunch more. Chinese food is one of my favorite "cuisines" Chinese dishes are good for my low carb eating regimen because it is easy to leave out any extraneous carbs that creep in (cornstarch, sugar etc) and all you have left is some meat with seasonings and chinese vegetables which are great on carbs and fiber.
Did you know bok choy has only twice as many carbs as it does fiber! 1 to 2! That's a pretty good ratio! Now think about an apple--usually considered good diet food--with only 5 grams of fiber as compared to 22 grams of carbohydrates! 1 to 4+ Give me the bok choy. Although granted it leaves a bit to be desired as a plain snack, it is great stirfried up with chicken strips and a little ginger and soy sauce, etc.
Well, gotta quit for now. Kids are home, Kerra's home. Things're Happening!

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