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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

little dogs

I’ve talked about Gabriel when he took his little jaunt around the neighborhood and got returned by the Westerville police. I think I’ve mentioned Sebastian, his littermate. Over the holidays I got them little jackets. Toy fox terriers are tough little dogs. In fact they think they are tougher than they really are. But the winter weather cuts into them quickly. Their hair is short and those little legs are more slender than many people’s fingers. So they do get cold.

Sebastian has keyed in on the idea that if we think he is cold we let him back in quicker so he learned to pretend he is cold, even in 80 degree weather. If he wants in and we happen to look at him he puts his ears back low and hunkers down shivering…. lol Gable doesn’t say he is cold until he really is and if he is acting cold I know it is freezing out.

They still love to go outside and tear around, but I can always tell when it is too chilly for them. On those days they zip out and take care of their business and come right back. The other morning I put them out without realizing how cold it was and they did just that. I felt guilty. A couple hours later when it was time to go out again I put their coats on them. NOW they were set. They whipped out there and told the neighborhood where to get off! No running right back then. They had their coats on and were tougher than the weather!

At any rate, I wanted everyone who is interested to see their macho-jackets.

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