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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving is over

Whew! Thanksgiving is over.
For a retired lady with a very restricted life, it was a very busy time—mostly because it was busy for the people around me. Rachael and Michael (R & M) both worked up to the very day and Rachael had to work on Thanksgiving Day from 8 to 5. We had a very good day anyway. She made the cranberry salad Wednesday evening and I made the dressing and turkey on T-day.
We had broken up the bread while the cranberry salad was making and Thursday morning I chopped the veggies for the dressing and heated the broth to put together the dressing. That baked in the morning. Then about 3:00 I got the turkey ready. We had an abbreviated turkey this year. Rachael had a turkey breast in the freezer for months that she wanted out of there. But I like dark meat! So she bought a couple turkey legs and we had breast and legs, kind of a strange looking turkey. We still had more than enough turkey for us.

Michael invited the neighbor kid over for dinner on Thursday night. His grandparents recently came to live with his family and although Josh is going to school and was working full time up until just last spring, they are very critical of him. They had also been criticizing his dad who has a very good office job, but currently is hobbling around on a broken foot. He works full time, but the foot naturally limits his work at home for now. Anyway the grandparents were complaining that Josh and his dad were lazy and never did anything. Josh was very upset and rather than stay inside and cause even more trouble he was outside. Wise young man, if I do say so. So we had dinner with him and watched the football game. A typical American Thanksgiving.

(By the time Josh went home after the football game his mother had arrived home. She is a nurse and had been called in to work on Thanksgiving morning--:( I think maybe that was part of the grandparents’ problem. Her work disrupted the holiday. But by the time Josh went home she had talked to the grandparents and settled them down. Poor Josh. )

Rachael had to work again Friday morning and so did Michael. The two of them were planning to leave for Pittsburg for a wedding the same evening. They were both hustling around all evening but had everything together by about six o’clock. They left here and arrived in Pittsburg at nine something.

That left me alone for the weekend. I told some of my friends that I got to be a grown-up for three days! Better yet, I had all the Thanksgiving leftovers to myself! Now for some people that might be a Major Ugh, but I love cold turkey and cranberry salad and that was the major part of our leftovers. There was also a big pan of dressing, but I didn’t make much of a dent in that. I’d done enough carbs at dinner. So from Friday’s dinner to Sunday lunch I had turkey and cranberry salad! Mmmm. I took a brief break on Saturday morning to have fried eggs and a slice of ham, but lunch was back to turkey! I was so stingy with it that I only shared little bites with the dogs!
And my blood glucose readings stayed well under 120! Mostly they were between 98 and 107. That's pretty good for a holiday full of high carb foods.

So Thanksgiving is over for another year.

Thank you, Lord for all your blessings. In spite of the economy, my kids all have good and stable jobs. We all have good health. My grandkids are growing. My dogs are healthy. My cats are beautiful. My room is cozy and so inviting. My son calls me almost every morning. I have people here that I can do a little for when I start their coffee and put their eggs on to boil before work. I can be a witness for the Lord through the internet even though I can hardly get out at all. Life is full and it is good.

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