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Monday, November 1, 2010

Chris Ladoux : God Must Be a Cowboy

I’m really tired this morning. I woke up at 430; I felt like maybe I could go back to sleep but after half an hour I finally got up. While I was in the bathroom, Maxim and Gable decided to have a Wild Rumpus. THAT woke me up for sure. By the time I got out to make them stop the comforter was half off the bed and my little birdbath of dried roses had been dumped!
So I decided to go ahead and get up for real. I put the Wild Things out at about 515 and made them stay until I got my breakfast all ready. They tore around and barked (bet the neighbors love me ) until they were tired. When we came back in they were ready to be quiet! Maybe if it warms up a little I will sit on the deck with them and toss Maxim’s ball for him. Gable and Sebastian will chase along with him while he’s getting his ball and that should give everybody some exercise.
Mica of course is always the lady. She and I share a sore knee-achy bones syndrome so both of us move slowly and don’t do much tearing around. Mica is very patient with the Wild Things and only occasionally gives a deep, rumbling, ‘Wruff.’ I, on the other hand, violate every one of Cesar Milan’s maxims by yelling at Maxim and Gable and threatening to shoot them if they don’t shut up! They listen to Mica better than they do me. Which only goes to prove Cesar’s principle that dogs respond to calm assertive energy. I think it’s because they are both afraid that Mica will rip their throats out if they don’t behave--The ‘Speak softly and carry a big stick” Philosophy. And Mica speaks very softly.
But now everyone is quiet and snoozing. 
Rachael and Michael are visiting Ron and Donna for a few days and I am here with the Wild Things and the cats and Mica. The cats don’t really like having the dogs in here with me all day. Andy was in a snit last night and ended up being locked out because he didn’t come in when he was supposed to—not out of doors that is, but only out of my room. 
It got really cold last night. I guess 31degrees is appropriate for November¬ 1. I told Michael to leave the heat off but if it gets too much colder at night I may need to turn it on for the plants and fish. It was 63 in the main part of the house this morning. 
Notah sent me a song yesterday. Makes me homesick

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  1. Hi Vondi,
    You probably won't see this by now but I was wondering how you were making out by yourself at at the zoo. I cracked up at the part about you breaking Cesar's rules by yelling at the animals. I am the same way. I watch his shows on the computer and say, wow, this stuff works! But put me with a dog and I'll be yelling and talking constantly to them. Usually baby talk if they aren't being bad. "My cat" was on my porch again today and I talk baby talk to her and then expect her to get off the porch so I don't sneeze. Right! Maybe I'll email you before heading to Florida Friday. Hugs...Julie