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Saturday, November 20, 2010

In the 'Hall of the Elven King"

It’s cold looking and dismal in Westerville this morning. The clouds look like their sitting about six inches above the tree tops and to make it worse there seem to be several people in the neighborhood who have fires in their woodburners or fireplaces. It is cozy though.
Rachael has gone off to work at six thirty this morning and Michael isn’t up yet. Of cours it IS Saturday after all. He has a big chore list for today so I imagine he’ll be down pretty soon. He has to go get Rachael’s vicodin. (She has had a really sore knee ever since she promoted a major storeroom at work by shaming one of the other co managers into helping her get started. I think she must have twisted it) He wants to finish putting up the stained molding around the living room. He got part of it up last evening and it looks really nice.
This morning I left Bilbo and the dwarves floating in their barrels through the gates of the Elven King’s palace. By now they are floating down the river toward Lake Town.

You see, they had been captured by the elves when they got lost in the forest and ran into elves picnicking in the dark forest. They were all imprisoned in the king’s dungeons but Bilbo who was wearing his magic ring which made him invisible. He got them out out of the dungeon and packed them in the king’s empty barrels which were being sent back down the river to be refilled with supplies!

This is an illustration by Alad Lee.
"Out they went under the overhanging branches of the trees on either bank. Bilbo wondered what the dwarves were feeling and whether a lot of water was getting into their tubs. Some of those that bobbed along by him in the gloom seemed pretty low in the water, and he guessed that these had dwarves inside."

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