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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Home alone

I just spent several days at home alone with our dogs and cats.  Sigh..... I've decided I can no longer manage a herd of dogs!  the cats weren't bad at all.  I simply made sure their boxes were scooped and their food dishes were full and they sat with me on my chair or purred by the heater.  Even Peanut outside, came running as soon as the light came on.  By the time the door was opened he was there waiting for his food, being polite and meowing to tell me how glad he was that I was coming with something good for his tummy!

The dogs were a whole different story.   Well, I take that back.  Mica was an angel.  The other three--oh mercy.  LOL  Maxim is just so full of enthusiasm for every thing he makes me so tired.  He isn't bad, not at all but he has a great deal of energy that I can't help him to expend.  The little dogs of course are just as energetic as he is but their bouncing around isn't quite so lamp shaking. 

When I woke up in the morning and went into the bathroom they were AWAKE too.  Maxim and Gable usually started playing.  Now that's okay and my room is pretty well big enough for some play, but whe Sebastian got involved it turned into a free for all.  It did stop when I went out and said ,Stop, but with crutches it took a minute to get there.  By that time, the comforter on my bed was in a know and the dried rosebuds in my pretty bird bath were scattered around.

They are very good at waiting for me to go out of my door.  I followed Cesar Milan's advice and 'own' the door.    And they are good at hustling into the outside door too.  But every morning there is a challenge.  Grandma insists they all sit and wait until I tell them they can go out.  R & M just open the door.  I think I've said before how much I enjoy watching Gabe and Bastian go hustling our across the yard to the back fence.  They live for the possibility that the iron fence at the back may have fallen down over night and they can kill the golden retriever who lives across the way.   They bounce out through the grass barking and looking at one another, daring each other to be the bravest.  And little dogs don't have the sense to know that a golden retriever could kill them with one chomp. 

Dogs have to be let outside several times a day and my knees complain about the standing wait while they are out there.  On the other hand, they are tremendously loving and attentive.  Who else would I have talked with while Rachael and Michael were gone?  And who else would listen so attentively?

They quickly developed a routine.  Out in the early morning, and back in to nap on the bed.  Out at lunch and back in to look out the window and roll around on the floor and then stretch out to snooze a bit more.  Evenings were a little more varied because we had supper and people were coming home from work and school so there were sounds that had to be checked out, but by ten o'clock things had settled down and that meant the dogs could settle too. 

And I was tired from all the excitement.   They are sweethearts, regardless of the aching knees and Wild Rumpuses in the middle of the floor!

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  1. I can't imagine being able to take care of that many dogs. I kept Josh and Tesia just one time while they were away. It was on a long leash which got tangled in some roots. When I untangled the leash to get the dog loose, he immediately wrapped his line around ME. I thought I was going down. He was a STRONG dog. They were trying to find him a new master and I had considered taking him, but I decided right then it would be too dangerous for me. I'd end up with a broken arm or leg because of a fall,