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Thursday, December 23, 2010


I saw this video of a kid  having a snit on Christmas morning because he had gotten BOOKS for Christmas! 
What kind of children are we raising today? I cannot believe that parents would put up with this sort of behavior. I would be ashamed of my child but you can hear the parents chuckling in the background. But they thought it was cute enough to be worth posting on youtube!
What kind of foolish parents think this is cute?  Why don't they realize that they are rearing a very selfish and self-serving child who will grow up to be the same kind of an adult.
If one of my children had reacted this way I would have taken every single one of his gifts away. He might have a month to change his attitude and then the toys would go to Goodwill or the Salvation Army for children or any child who might be more appreciative!
We had a rule in our house that if someone went snooping for Christmas presents before Christmas morning and I found out about it, that gift would be returned to the store.  If my kids ever DID snoop, they were sure not to let Mom know!
(And just FYI, the comments had been disabled on youtube.  lol guess maybe people didn't think it was so cute after all!)

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