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Friday, December 24, 2010

morning, again

I love early mornings. Even though I’m home alone most of the time, and there is no disturbance in the house, it seems that early mornings are more intensely quiet. I woke up at 300. And I’ve been enjoying the quiet.

I like it here, but sometimes I miss the view down across the valley from Notah’s old house on Angelo. And other times I miss looking out at the rising sun behind the Manzanos from his new house on Mallette. I never got to hear the coyotes teasing the dogs at the new house. I think next summer when I am there, I will go and sit out side in the early morning—if I can get out without three dogs thinking they need to go along and protect me.

And when I’m there with Notah’s family, I miss being here with Rachael and I miss my cozy room here with all my junk. I told Rachael yesterday that I know my room is the grubbiest room in the whole house and that the clutter drives her crazy, but I like it and I feel cozy there.

I look forward to the day when we will all be in NM and I can be Notah and his family when ever I want and be with Rachael and Michael whenever I want. Or when ever they will have me.

The woman at Rachael’s store who was slacking on her job performance and doubling the work for everyone else was transferred to another store effective Monday! That was a surprise! Rachael was given the deli-bakery, the department this woman had in such a mess. The new manager told her that if she could straighten it out she would get a promotion out of it. One step closer to NM

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