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Monday, April 27, 2009

oh my what a weekend

This has been quite a couple days. It started early Saturday morning and ended without ever having Sunday. Then Monday just kind of happened.

Seth's friend, Zack, spent the night on Friday. There was a skatebarding competition and demo in Albuquerque on Saturday, so Kerra and the kids met Notah (He had gone to work at 4:00 AM and got off about 9:00) to go to watch the skateboarders. After watching them for a while the boys were all enthused about skating and wanted to go skate themselves. So they left there and went to the local skate park to try out some of the tricks they'd seen. Everyone was back home about 4, minus Zack, whose mom had picked him up.

After supper, Seth was still hyped so they went back to the little skate park here close. Two hours later they were back with a broken wrist. No, it wasn't Seth, the daredevil, it was Keva. Shje was just rolling down a slope and lost her board. Fell with her arm pinned un der her and boke the two long bones in her arm.

They took her to the emergency room about 9 or so and didn't get home until 5:00 AM! Notah had been up since 3:30 Am Saturday morning. He was awake more than 24 hours. Keva came home with a full arm cast, but she isn't in a lot of pain. Thank the Lord.

Keva slept most of the day Sunday and so did Notah and Kerra. Seth was tired too because he had been worrying about Keva until late the night before.

It was really strange to have to get up for school this morning. Well, I didn't get up for school but it was Monday. It didn't seemlike it was time for the weekend to be over because we had missed church services and it was strange.

Keva got to stay home from school today. Keva talked about sending her bud decided to give her some time to recuperate a little more. She only had to take one pain pill today. Hopefully she won't have to miss too much school.

For somebody who used to have such a quiet life, min has developed a lot of excitement. I'm tired tonight.

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