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Thursday, April 30, 2009


When it rains it pours. My calm life continues to be exciting. The Girl With the Broken Arm is recovering nicely. Her fingers were swollen and discolored and her mother took her back to the doctor yesterday just to be safe. There was nothing wrong except she had not been keeping her hand up. Never mind I told her that about 50 times! Teenagers!
The good thing was that she got a new permanent cast. The orthopedist was so pleased with the job the ER did with setting the wrist that he predicted she would probably only need 3 months in the cast instead of 6. So that is all good.
The bad news is that someone poisoned their cute dorky little dog. Her name was Scraps, because she looked like she was made up of left-over scraps of several breeds. She didn't eat her supper Tuesday, was laying all around yesterday, vomited a couple times. This morning she was passing blood instead of urine and by noon she was gone. I'm going to have to check online and see what I can find that could have caused her symptoms...
So this evening we will have two very sad kid...

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