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Friday, March 19, 2010

The sun rose over the Manzanos this morning. Of course, it does that every morning, but today I was there to see it. This is my second day home in New Mexico, but yesterday I was too tired to get up and enjoy it.

Our trip from Ohio was great. We made it in only three days which can be directly attributed to Doctor Nickolson’ fantastic pain pills. They helped with the pain in my knees during the day and relaxed them at night so I could sleep well. The only problem was that although I didn’t really feel the pain, I could tell by my tired, shaky feeling that it was definitely there. I’m not used to a lot of medication except my BP capsules so the tweaked-up vicodin really hit my system. But it did help to shorten our trip.

Traveling in March is unbelievable. I had never taken the trip to NM any time of year except summer because we always made the trek when school was out. The kids and I wanted to spend time with Grandma Howe and we had to plan for two or three weeks altogether for our vacation. Public school officials frown on taking that much time out of the school year. So we were always on the road when every other family in America was going on their vacations, too.
But March! Wow, almost no one but professional drivers are on the interstates. Traffic is light except when going through a large town and even then, if you plan to miss rush hour, the traffic isn’t bad. And motels are open any time you pull in. In summer, sometimes if you don’t stop early—about three or four—you run the risk of not having a choice of decent places to stay. In March, it doesn’t really matter what time you choose to stop there are rooms available.
If it were not for my need for a chair and an ottoman or a recliner there would have been no difficulty on either of our trips west. Even as it was, we got a room on Monday after only two stops. There was a convention in town in Rolla, Missouri and it took a couple stops to find a place that worked. As it was there was a handicapped room with a walk-in shower and a single king-sized bed. But, it had a comfy chair with an ottoman that I could use and they very considerately gave Seth a roller cot.

On our second day it was Seth’s stated desire to make it to Elk City, Oklahoma. Last year we had found a great motel there which had a neat game room, pool and exercise room with a dining room attached. He loved it and kept campaigning to stop there on Tuesday. And we made it! Thanks to Kerra’s ‘creative’ driving… ‘nuff said about that.

In Elk City, Kerra and the kids were able to play in the game room and come back, change their clothes and go to the pool. Well, the kids changed. Kerra took her book or something and just watched them. I was able to sit in the recliner, watch tv and nap while my knees stretched out and my muscles trembled from the vicodin. Monday night I had gone to eat with them at the Sirloin Stockade. Tuesday night I was too tired and shaky to do that. They went to eat and brought me back pork fu yung. I DID go to breakfast with them in the motel dining room on Wednesday morning, though. Last year with no pain meds, I’d not been able to walk well enough to do that at all. Kerra and the kids had had to bring me every meal.

Wednesday was a long day but at the end we arrived in Belen! Wednesday was also my wild carb day. I had the motel’s complimentary breakfast of two eggs, sausage, hash browns and toast~ Oh yes, potatoes and toast in ONE meal. Then for lunch we did Lotaburger! No fries, but a lotaburger! I love lotaburgers! A lotaburger, for the sadly uninformed, is a giant bun with a giant burger on it. The condiments are nothing out of the ordinary no “special sauce” etc.-just the regular catsup, mustard, pickles, onions and tomato, but they must wave a magic wand over the grill while they are cooking those hamburgers. I look forward to them every year when it is time to go back to New Mexico. Then we had a DQ blizzard snack in the afternoon. I guess it was lucky my glucosometer was lost in my bags until last night when I started unpacking. I would probably have broken it.

Yesterday wasn’t bad. Kerra had a beautiful low carb meal last night and I stayed on my low carb regimen, but two days later my blood glucose level is still recov ering. This morning was nasty. I want to forget it.

So I started my day today with the sun over the Manzanos, a cup of coffee and a Clementine for breakfast. I’ll have to be careful to eat at ten or ten thirty and get back on schedule to bring this glucose back under control.

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