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Thursday, March 11, 2010

thursday morning nine thirty

Thursday morning, nine thirty. I'm sitting here listening to brother Harlan Sorrel singing( http://www.churchofgodeveninglight.com/songs.htm ) and waiting for Rachael to get up so we can do my shopping and begin getting the final packing finished up. I think I have everything ready to go in the bags. Moving for six months takes a lot of gathering and planning, but as somebody told me it isn't as though they don't have stores in NM. And I guess that is true.
I'm so tired that I slept through Michael's breakfast this morning. I can't believe it! I never do that! He stuck his head in my door to see if I was alright when he was ready to leave for work. When I opened my eyes and saw him standing there I was shocked. I said, "Oh Michael, I'm so sorry!"
He just grinned and said "That's okay. I'm a big boy! Besides I 'made' Rachael get up and help me." He had his strudel and coffee in one hand and was all ready to head on out. I felt bad. He had his strudel, but no lunch. LOL He has already been bemoaning his state because I'll not be here this summer to get his breakfast and fix a lunch for him, because, as he says, "my wife won't do it." But he's just looking for sympathy. He revels in it! LOL Maybe this will help him start getting used to it.
I'm tired and I really haven't done anything. Most of my "packing" has consisted of making lists and planning what I need to buy before I go so I will have it on the trip and as soon as we get there. Then anything else I can buy when I get settled. WalMarts grow even in the desert.
I found this neat camp chair. If Notah hasn't already planned for a chair that I can sit in on the deck I'm going to send for it. I am very careful about what I sit on. Modern chairs aren't built to hold big people! Yes, I've lost forty odd pounds but I still am careful about putting my bottom on a flimsy chair. If it would start to collapse with me I could never save myself with these knees. Anyway, Woman Within had an insert in this most recent catalogue that offers a camp chair that holds 500 pounds! I don't weigh nearly that much so I feel confident it will hold me. they have another one that is supposed to hold 800 pounds. That is kind of overkill, but it had wider arms and a higher back. I may go with that one. That way there is room for a kid or dog on my lap and beside me. Check them out

The left one is for skinnies of 500 lbs.
The left one is for people 800 pounds!
I like this one better because it has a high back and a thermal pouch on the arm...
not quite sure what I'd use that for but it sounds handy. LOL

Okay, Rach! It's ten o'clock! Rise and shine!

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