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Friday, March 5, 2010

closer and closer

The time for going back to the Desert is coming closer and closer. I am so looking forward to it. Every year I get to go back is a gift from God. With my knees in th eshape they are in I really believed at one time that I would never see the desert again. And yet here I go for the second time
I had my departure dates mixed up. I thought I was leaving on March 19th, turns out it is March 15th! Now I'm all in a tizzy.
I've started making lists of things Not to Forget and Things to Do and Shopping Lists. Of course, it isn't like they don't have Wal-Marts and shopping malls in Albuquerque, but I'll be there longer this year. I need to be sure I have my prescription meds on hand because this year it will be a hassle to get them renewed halfway through the summer. And I have to have everything together to take Gabriel with me! So that is even more organization needed.
I can hardly wait. I'm anxious to see how my grandkids have grown of course and also how my 'grand-pup" has grown. When I left Thain was a fuzzy puppy. Now he is a big dog! Bigger than Sadie! And Sadie is not a little dog.
Well, I really can't write coherently so I guess I'll stop here.
Here's a map of my prospective travels, just in case your geography is foggy.

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