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Saturday, May 8, 2010

early morning

View to the east from our house toward the Manzano mountains.

It is just after six in the morning here. I’ve been awake for an hour or more. It was four o’clock when I first woke up and told myself it was too early to be doing anything. I dozed off for a little while and woke up again about five to enjoy the morning. It is so wonderful that I haven’t even moved except to reach my laptop and begin this. I hate to think about moving because that will put an end to the peace.

It is cold here this morning, probably in the forties. I have the window open here beside me. I’m the only one in the house that enjoys the cold desert air. Everyone else closes the windows and complains. But it is the perfect desert morning breeze now, the kind I love. It smells of sage and sand and that other indefinable fragrance that makes the desert morning like nothing else on earth. Heaven must smell like this. I know for sure the part where Louie is does. And that’s the part I’m gonna be in, too.

There are absolutely no sounds except the birds outside. And they just woke up a few minutes ago. I wish I knew enough to tell what birds have been singing. At four when I woke up the first time, there were no birds but a couple coyotes howled and got all the dogs in the valley harmonizing down there too. That was neat. I dozed off before they stopped singing. Now the birds have taken over. I don’t know of anyplace else in the world that is this quiet and peaceful in the morning. White people may have moved into the desert, but they aren’t up and around this early in the morning and for these couple hours just at daybreak it is as quiet as it was four hundred years ago when only the Apache and the Navajo were here to ruin the peace.

I wonder if the road runner is out in the yard patrolling his territory. He’s a big guy! And he struts around like someone important. His wife is slender and dainty. She zips past like a little racer. I’d stretch over and open the blinds to see if they are around but it would be too much effort and noise, it would probably make all the birds stop singing. I can see it all in my mind anyway: It is s little cloudy in the east and the sunlight is diffused behind them. Every once in a while it shines out above them across the tops of the hills. The sage and rabbit bush are enjoying the moisture in the morning air and the tamarisk tree is stretching up to reach the rays of light. The birds are hiding in the bushes and that tree and the road runner is going about his business, either here in the yard or over the hill among the sage.

I just heard the train far down in the valley. The noise made all the birds quit chirping about their morning business. Now it is absolutely quiet. Not even the refrigerator is running. The only sound is the tiny pattering of the keys on my laptop.

The dogs think it is time to be up and around. Every day of the week they get up at sunrise and go outside to the potty. Thain slept in here with me last night. Seth is doing an over night with his friend Zach so Huck stayed here with me too. Everything was good until Peepers decided she wanted to look out the window in the middle of the night. Then Thain had to go see what it was that attracted her attention. Then Gable had to come see too and that put him and Thain too close together and they grumbled at one another. I whapped my grabber on top of the tray table and told them to settle down. Gabe went back to his corner of the couch and Thain curled up on the floor. Every thing was quiet again.

I think Notah is getting up. Thane and Huck have migrated in that direction. I just heard a truck down on the road a long ways off. And a car just went past here. I guess Saturday morning has started.

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