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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Four AM

Last night at four in the morning I woke up to this horrific squalling, banging, screaming, thudding, scrambling, furniture rocking catter-wauling. Yaaah! As soon as I was wide awake I knew what it was. Cloudy and Coal, brothers, have an ongoing disagreement with Andy and Cloudy. Usually it is limited to a few disagreeable grumblings and some squalls. But from time to time it escalates into full scale battle.
Last night was a full scale battle.
A couple minutes or a few seconds (My time sense at 4am is not that great.) after the fracas began Rachael came stomping down the stairs. Of course as soon as she hit the scene the cat fight ended. Andy and Cloudy came hustling in my room and Rachael shut the door.
Silence returned.
At daylight, six o’clock, I went through to let the little dogs out and saw the scene of the fight in the living room. The set-to had developed between the sofa table and the antique bookcase that sits against the staircase wall. It looked as though a stuffed cat had exploded! An area of about three feet wide by four feet long was covered with tufts of cat fur. No blood-they weren’t that serious- but serious for distribution!

These are the culprits-they don’t look like midnight brawlers, do they?




This is the Mess!

I cannot believe they have any fur left, but looking at them today there doesn't appear to be a single hair missing!


  1. Shew! Rather you than me! Glad nobody was killed in that wreck. Maybe the nine lives thing extends to extra new coats of fur. If that had been dogs, they would have looked rough! My neighbor two doors over has about 13 cats (two years ago it was twice that but she has had them fixed). Most of them are outside cats and they hang around my house quite a bit. Once in a while they get "into it" at night and I get all upset because I can't stand hurt animals. My husband says, if you think I'm going out there and get in the middle of that, you're nuts! Sometimes when we yell, they quit for a bit but then go back at it when we are back in bed. Unbelievable sounds they can make!

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    These guys stopped when Rachael came on the scene. Yesterday, they thought maybe they would agree to disagree again, but I sent Gable to break it up. He likes nothing better than to tear into the middle of a cat fight. The participants go in opposite directions and Gabe comes back looking pleased with himself. The niht of this big set-to he was gated in my room.

    Thank the Lord it doesn't happen often!