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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Háálá Ayóo Diyin (Navajo Lyrics)

This is another original Navajo gospel song. There is no specific English translation... only the literal translation of the words as they appear on the video. It blesses me to hear praise for the Lord presented in such a traditional style. And the expressions are so wonderfully Navajo.

I like it (musically) because the repetition demonstrates the Navajo style of singing. In fact this song doesn't have as much as I've heard in some of the old songs (Navajo) The repetition and insertion of the rhythmic syllables (such as Haala, haala) were some of the things that made it so difficult for me to understand the songs. Mr. Tom tried for an entire year of Pre-school bus routes to teach me the Navajo songs and help me to comprehend the lyrics. I remember him with great affection, but I can't really say he was very successful at  teaching me to sort out the lyrics. When you listen with your English (or maybe Hispanic ;-) ) ears, I think you will understand my difficulty

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  1. you are doing a good job, I would like to learn some of the songs, pray for me that I will learn how to sing Navajo song.