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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I watched the sun come up over the Manzanos this morning. The smoke from the fires in the west kind of dulled it. One minute it was bright and gray, the next the sun flooded the whole world with light! There were none of the bright oranges and pastels we usually have. I’ve lived Navajo long enough that there is something in me that makes me love the sunrise. I opened the curtains long enough to see the sunrise and then about an hour later I closed them again to keep out the heat of the day.
I had a lot of trouble with my knees on Monday after we arrived. Today I’m doing a little better; I had to use a walker all day yesterday, but today I’m using my cane again, at least for the morning and early afternoon. I eventually had to resort to the walker again.
Seth and Keva were both home today. Like teenagers, they slept till ten and then played video games and watched TV all day.
It’s good to be here.

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