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Saturday, June 18, 2011

travelling west June 18

Packed everything up, packed the cats in and we got started by about 530. It was pouring rain when we were ready to leave. Fortunately Notah already had everything in the car except me with my purse and my pillows. He ran back and forth quick to do them. Then we waited till the rain slacked a bit and he backed the car right up to the step so I could get in fast. I got a few sprinkles, but nothing soaking.
Notah gave the cats their pills so they were mostly quiet for the day, a few complaints but nothing major.
Notah called his cousin Kathleen when we got to Tulsa. She wanted to know if we could pick up Tamia when we came through OK City. Aunt Helen is missing Leonard because it is coming up Father’s day and she thought maybe Tamia would help distract her. The pick up was smoother than silk! Kathleen was at the Sinclair station when we got there and after a quick hug, Tamia was loaded into the two feet beside the cats on the back seat and we were off.
From OKC on to Albuquerque the speed limit is 75 so the miles passed quickly, especially since Notah has a lead foot. We made it all the way to Amarillo. We could have gone further because it is only 4 or 5 hours from t here to home, but I was really tired. I didn’t realize just how tired until we got to a motel and I was able to lay down for a little while.
We had dinner at the Big Texan restaurant. http://www.bigtexan.com/ (wait for the promotional video to load and play)  This is a neat restaurant that is advertized all across Texas and a few times in Oklahoma and NM. It serves buffalo meat and a few other exotic dishes, but mostly just good steaks. The atmosphere is neat and that basically is what you pay for, but if you only do it once every 5 to 25 years, that’s okay.
There are mounted animal heads all around the dining room balcony. There are tables on the balcony. One time when we were there (the kids and I) they even staged a gun battle and one of the bad guys got shot and fell off the balcony!
They are famous for their 72 ounce steak that is offered free of charge to anyone who can eat the entire meal in an hour or less! That steak is HUGE. While we were there this year some man finished it in 57 minutes and 3 seconds. I don’t see how people do it without being sick. You have to eat the baked potato, roll, salad and all the fixings! Never in a day could I do that. ( I couoldn’t finish my pidley little 8 oz. steak. I had to bring some of it home with me for lunch Monday!) Notah’s friend Pat who just moved here wants to try. I asked him if he had the $80 to pay for the meal if he doesn’t eat it!
Go to the Big Texan website and click on the ‘Joey “Jaws” Chestnut’ link beneath the promo video to watch this guy finish the steak in under 9 minutes! I wondered if he had time to enjoy it. And he wasn’t a big guy either! Maybe he went down the road a ways and barfed it all up.

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