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Friday, June 10, 2011


Notah said yesterday that often when they go out at night to lock the gate they can notice a coyote sitting on the other side of the driveway fence, just sitting there looking. How neat is that.

When I spent those few days at the new house last year I wasn’t there long enough to learn any of those things. I knew Notah and the kids had found coyote sign on the other side of the fence in the pasture; I knew there were indications of bear and mountain lions in the area. But I didn’t know the coyotes sat on the other side of the fence and watched the house. That would be very eerie. In fact, it makes the attitude of the Navajo toward coyotes understandable. I would probably be more than a little freaked if I lived in a hogan with a blanket door and looked out to see a coyote sitting at the edge of the firelight. No wonder stories of yee naaldlooshii are so commonly accepted!
People often view coyotes as predators and attempt to kill them at any opportunity. I consider the fact that they were here first. My brother seems to hate them with a passion. But then, he lives in Ohio. Coyotes were not originally native to Ohio so I guess I can forgive him the passion.
I’m pleased with Notah’s attitude toward the coyote. They make sure their Chloe is safe inside. Two of the larger dogs, Sweetie and Jack, stay outside, but they are both rescues from the desert and learned long ago to either defend themselves against coyotes or stay out of their way. Bella and Thain are either as large as or larger than a coyote so the two of them together could probably hold their own. And although they try to make sure the cats are safe inside when they need to be, if they do get out no one attempts to kill every coyote within shooting distance.
The other thing I enjoy about coyotes is hearing them sing at night. I’ve not seen any sitting along the drive, but I have heard them sing.
(This isn't my youtube recording.  I just went looking for the sound I remember best.)

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