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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

wednesday morning

Well the sun just popped over the mountain.  It’s 6:32 AM!  In Ohio that isn’t much of an event because the brightness is filtered through and across a myriad of trees, hills, buildings and house roofs.  But here there in nothing at all between us and the mountain that it pops up over.

And that makes for a spectacular event every day.  First the sky lightens of course. And then there is a brighter spot over the notch where the sun will appear.  For a while it brightens and brightens until you can see a slice of the sun peeking over the edge.  But even that is not sunrise.  The slice gradually gets larger and larger then unexpectedly the whole orb of the sun shoots above the mountain and the whole world is suddenly bright. Not just turn-on-the-lamp-bright but turn-on-all-the-flood-lights-in-the-entire-stadium-bright.

Honestly, once in your life you should make an effort to be in the desert and see the sunrise over the mountains.

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  1. Hi Sister Vondi! I am finally able to get into mail and blogs on my pitiful puter. But for how long, I don't know! I think I might be able to order my Dell laptop really soon so I can't wait to be able to communicate again. I see you are in NM and having a wild time...ha! I think it would be neat to have a summer place to go wild and then another place to relax a bit more. Best of both worlds! I'll try to write soon. Oh, and I lived in the desert (Tucson) for 12 years and you are so right about the sunrise!Love, Julie