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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Early Sunday Morning

I’ve been feeling very tired lately and I’m so thankful that I don’t need to struggle to get to work and take care of daily duties there anymore. I never realized how difficult it was until I could stop doing it. I never realized what a negative impact the weather had on my knees and my ability to walk until I was able to stay inside during bad weather. Now that I need not go out everyday when it is cold and wet I have much less pain than I did then. Of course, I’m not skipping rope or going on ten mile hikes, but the reduced pain is wonderful.

I just heard Rachael get up to go to work. She has to open today and Sunday mornings have extra task list that must be done to begin the week. I think I’ll go put a couple eggs on to boil so she will have a bit to eat before she starts the day. Otherwise she’ll just drink coffee.

When the doctor put me on a ‘carbohydrate free’ diet, she went on it with me, but it is only effective if you eat the protein and complex carbs regularly and don’t skip meals. I was put on the diet regimen because I was found to be borderline diabetic and that can be controlled by diet. Nice thing is it also results in weight loss! Rachael has lost a visible amount of weight since we began the first of December. LOL With me it is not so visible, but I’m trusting that it is accomplishing its primary purpose, which is to reduce my blood sugar.

Reducing the simple carbohydrates in our diet has been surprisingly easy. We eat no breads, pastas, rice, bakery products etc. or, of course chips, or snack foods Meats, cheese/milk/yogurts, nuts, fruits and vegetables are the basis of our my meals. Of course some fruits and vegetables have a higher number of complex carbohydrates so we also reference the glycemic index rating of those. By and large however, it has not been a strict, calorie counting, measure every bite process but basically just a change in what and how we eat. We allow ourselves one simple carb food per day. Toast for breakfast but then no others. Or if we want a potato for dinner we don’t do any simple carb for the other meals.

A great light blazed into my head the other day when I realized what much of the problem with traditional diets involved. With every diet I’ve ever been on I was counting calories and ignoring the carbohydrates. And unfortunately, the calories in the carbohydrate items-breads, pastas, potatoes-piled up fast and cut deep into the proteins and vegetables etc. It was a constant struggle to keep the calories low. With this simple carb free diet, the calories are reduced naturally and easily and I don’t miss them.

OKAY, Rachael is gone to work and I’m back. Just ate my own boiled eggs with a little serving of fruit and a half dozen low fat cheese cubes

I now have three dogs in my room snoozing away. Maxim, Sebastian and Mica got up with Rachael and ran outside to potty then Maxim and Sebastian decided to come in with me 'n' Gable instead of going back upstairs to hop in bed with Michael (Did I tell you it was 5:00 AM? -Just in case you think Michael is a lazy bones). I believe Maxim thought there was gonna be a whoop-de-do play time, but I soon put a stop to THAT!

Guess I’ll stop this here now and go do some Bible study. I surely miss not being able to be in services anymore. I miss the songs of God and the fellowship of sitting under the message of God. But the Lord has been faithful and my times with the Word are blessed.

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