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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


What a wonderful way to start my day! Notah called about two minutes after I woke up this morning. Nothing special, just called to say Good Morning.

He and Kerra have an anniversary coming up in a few days. I believe it is February 2, but for me their anniversary will always be Super Bowl Sunday. Why? The Sunday they were married was Super Bowl Sunday. Simple, eh? If it were ME, I’d just celebrate my anniversary on that Sunday every year. They could have an anniversary party every year when everybody gathers for the Super Bowl game! Hmmm. Kerra sticks to the idea that they should celebrate the actual date. Go figure.

They had a wonderful wedding. After morning service brother Arty simply reminded everyone to stay for the wedding and invited any visitors to remain too. Kerra’s family came to service that day and I drove down to Columbus too. They didn’t have an elaborate doin’s at all. Kerra just wore a plain white skirt with a pretty embroidered over blouse. Notah wore a khaki dress shirt and tie with matching pants. They both looked nice, but Keva and Seth stole the show.

At a secondhand store Kerra was actually able to find a long ruffled flowergirl/miniature bride dress for Keva. She wore that and white patented leather shoes. The pastor’s wife thought they all needed flowers so she created a bouquet for Kerra and a tiny bouquet and a hair wreath for Keva. She loved her dress and walked sooo carefully and primly as though her wreath and ribbon streamers would fall off if she moved too quickly. She came down the aisle before her mom and stood like an angel to the left in the bridesmaid’s spot.

Seth was Notah’s best man. He was dressed just like Notah except his pants didn’t fit quite as well because of his little pot belly and as they walked out before the congregation he messed up his tie. Notah had to stoop down to fix it; then rather than struggle, he stuffed it in his pocket (Seth was just 2, I think, maybe 3. He had this chubby little chin and no neck for a tie.) He stood fairly still with his arm wrapped around Notah’s leg and watched while his mom and sister came down the aisle.

As brother Arty started the preliminaries, Seth’s “stand still” time expired and he began wiggling around and tugging on Notah’s pants. Notah just reached down and picked him up. He put both arms around Notah’s neck and watched the congregation for the rest of the ceremony.

When brother Arty said, “You may kiss the bride,” he had to revise it and acknowledge “if Seth will let you.” Seth was peering at something in the back of the church building and when Notah leaned down to kiss Kerra, he stuck his head in between!

It was a beautiful ceremony! The words were the formal phrases but the atmosphere was focused on making a family of one man and a woman with two yearning children. It was friendly and loving with the couple’s families, and also the Church family included. The most special part for Seth and Keva was afterward.

Afterward the kids were finally allowed to call Notah “Dad” and me “Grandma.” Oh, how long they had looked forward to that! Keva tried out the “grandma” while we were having the refreshments. The kids were with me while mom and new dad were cutting cake and taking pictures, etc. I was talking with someone and as they walked away, I heard this little voice say, “Grandma?” I looked around and said, “What do you need, hon?” Keva grinned and stammered a bit then said something about her sandwich. The sandwich hadn’t been the point. She just wanted to try out the new name. And Happy day! Lo and be hold, it worked! I liked it, too!

What grand memories. Not only did the Lord save Kerra but He made her part of my family and gave me two great grandchildren in the process. I love them dearly and sometimes I’m surprised to suddenly remember the kids aren’t my biological grandkids. I find characteristice of the Bears and the Howes in them all the time! Wonderful, wonderful.

Love is an amazing thing, isn’t it.

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