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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Anecdotes from the Grocery store

The Lost Hat
One of the seniors who visit the store came in a few days ago. Everyone is familiar with her and she has her own unique way of facing life. This time she was looking for her lost hat.

Rachael stood in the inner office listening while another assistant tried to deal with finding her hat. When did you lose it? Uuuuh, last week maybe. What color was it? Wellll, uuh. Maybe it was red..or no, blue, maybe. Yes, red or blue! Fred looked. No red or blue hats. Well maybe it wasn’t all red, maybe it was just trimmed in red. Nope, none like that either. Fred was getting frustrated and the little old lady becoming belligerent. Rachael took pity on Fred and went to help.

“Hi! What seems to be the problem?”
Well duh. Evidently the ‘young man’ just didn’t care about her lost hat. From past acquaintance Rachael pretty well knew that the lady had two hats—a black one and a white one. She was wearing the black one.

“Was it your white hat that was lost?”

Yes, yes! Maybe that was it. She couldn’t remember. Another check in the box. No white hat either. There were a couple brown ones, a gray one, and whatever. All rather nondescript, not new or especially attractive. Except for one. It was black plush with a faux leopard brim. Pretty hat. Nice hat. Nearly new hat. After a bit more discussion and confused, evasive responses from the little old lady, Rachael and Fred gave up.

“Here,” one of them said, “Do you see your hat?” And they set the box of lost hats on the counter.

Guess which hat the little old lady zeroed in on! You got it! The nice black plush with the faux leopard brim! Pretty hat. Nice hat. Nearly new hat!

Are you sure this is your hat? It isn’t red or blue and it certainly isn’t white. Yes, yes, yes. The lady remembered now. This is her hat. Rachael said, “Well, if you lost it last week, this one has only been here since Tuesday…”

Were they trying to keep her hat!? She wanted to see the manager! This was her hat! They wanted her nice hat for themselves. (oh, yes. Like Fred wanted the girl-y hat! lol)

They had her sign the lost item pick-up slip and she trotted out of the store with her nice hat.

I wonder if the real owner ever came looking for her nice black plush hat with the faux leopard brim.

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