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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Carbohydrates, sugars and diet!

I’ve spent the last few minutes going through my saved websites regarding carbohydrates. The doctor says don’t have diabetes but I must control my blood sugar because it is higher than she likes. Cut out the simple carbs. Period. I’ve been fascinated by the whole carbohydrate picture. It is very complicated, but I think I have a handle on understanding it. I have cut the breads, pastas, crackers. potatoes and rice from my daily diet. I’ve been eating just meats, vegetables and fruits, generally fresh, allowing myself only one simple-carb per day, maybe potatoes for supper or toast for breakfast. And Wow. The impact it has had. Not only does it control blood sugar, but there is a weight loss component included as a bonus!

Rachael went on the same food agenda as I did (mostly to keep me encouraged I think) and because her excess poundage was much less than mine, the weight loss was immediately apparent! Her clothes are noticeably looser in a little less than two months! I keep teasing her about her baggy pants and she keeps complaining that she is afraid of losing them!

I knew the starchy-carb free diet would be good for me, but I never suspected it would have such an impact on weight. I guess that was kind of stupid but I really didn’t. I mean I liked fruits and veggies and meat anyway, but I was eating them in addition to the bread and so forth. Leaving them out has really had an impact. I wish I could say I’m looking like a skinny Minnie, but that will be a while.

Meantime, anybody who is looking to lose weight really should look at this plan. It really is easy and because I liked fruits and vegetables anyway it hasn’t been hard. As Rachael said this morning, after about 7 weeks we have reached the place where foods heavy in simple carbs make us feel too full and sluggish. Not only that, the complex carbs keep the body satisfied longer. Last week Rachael had a very busy day and she and Michael had a lot to do so she decided we would do fast food. Carbs and more carbs!! That Arby’s French dip sub tasted really good with the fries, but by ll:30 my stomach was actually rumbling and aching. That hasn’t happened in weeks. I went to get a pear and a slice of cheese.

So take my advice, just dump all the “white foods” from your diet. (That’s the easiest way I’ve found to think about it without actually going and looking up the glycemic index count for each food.) Be honest and don’t cheat. Also of course leave out the candy and cookies that may not be ‘white’ but you know the 'white' is hidden by baking or coating or whatever.

I've found it easy. And it really works a million times better than counting calories and measuring portions.

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