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Monday, February 9, 2009

Flu Bug

Michael was off work for two days last week--stuffy head, sore throat, generally achy. He is pretty determined about not missing work but the dizziness that accompanied the whole thing finally put him down. He got back to work on Friday and said it seemed like Monday all day,

I got a little chuckle out of the whole thing. He suffers so well. Men can be strong and carry out their work against heavy odds, but when they are sick or injured, They can be so pathetic. And they love being babied! Notah was the same way. I'm sure he still is.

Rachael was coming down with the same thing last evening. She only put in a partial day today, coming home at 3:30 or so instead of 5:30. I already had the roast on for supper so she could go straight to bed. She slept till nearly 7 and I was in the process of getting supper together when she came downstairs. She already had something planned so she took over and put the rest of supper together quick. Michael cleaned up afterwards and got the dog food ready. Rachael went back to bed until about nine then got up for a hot bath and vicks then back to bed. Fortunately tomorrow is her day off. She looks pretty pathetic, too.

I told her I would have something ready for her to eat if she'd give me a call when she was ready to get up tomorrow. That way she won't have to do much moving around and can go back to bed quickly. Hopefully we can get her over the worst before she has to bo back in to work Wednesday at three.

Whatever this bug is it is really tearing through the population. Michael said there were four people off at his place of work. And several had called off at Krogers. Whew.

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