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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Anecdotes from Krogers

My daughter works at Krogers. Yeah I know, exciting fact. Anyway. She seems to have an affinity for the elderly and those who have special needs. We learned early on in our family that some thing that would frustrate and anger us beyond sanity lost their edge if we could find the humor in them. So without any intention of maliciousness she gets many chuckles from the many characters she meets daily. You will hear these from time to time since she comes home and recounts them to us.

Phyl-Phil and Phyllis

A woman frequently comes in to purchase her groceries. She introduces herself as “Phyl, Phil and Phyllis” She is truly a multiple personality and when she speaks with the staff it is key to know which person is speaking because another may interrupt the first to dispute a statement, either yours or her counterpart’s.

The first day my daughter met her she came in with a handful of coupons. She took a cart and started down the aisle. As she walked through the store she was muttering to herself. When she came closer to the desk my daughter realized that the personalities were arguing among themselves as to whether or not they could afford certain items and whether or not a certain product was liked by the other two personalities! The purchase of the item depended on either the more forceful personality (at that moment) or a vote of 2 to 1 carrying the issue.

Amusing, but fascinating. How amazing is the human mind!

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