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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chrsitmas visit!

Donna and Ron, Michael’s parents, visited Sunday afternoon.
This was their Christmas visit that got delayed for some reason that I don’t remember. They’re wonderful people and I was as happy to see them as Rachael and Michael were. They are both the kind of folks that you feel you’ve known your entire life from the moment you meet them.

Donna is one of those great moms who love to give their children things and happens to be in a position to do it. She is able to get things whole sale and at reduced prices through her job—my kind of job, I think. She came bearing all sorts of exciting things from Kleenex in bright foil boxes to Johnsonville brats, to specialty teas, to tiny jars of Knott’s jellies, to boxes of sugar-free hot cocoa mix , to fancy holiday nuts and I can’t remember everything! Oh yes, three big jugs of Tide laundry soap. Wow! I was like Christmas all over again. Which, I guess, it really was since neither they nor Rach and Michael had been able to make the trip over the holidays. They live 6 hours south in Kentucky.

Donna and Ron visited with Freddie and his family –especially their twin baby girls!—on Saturday afternoon and evening. Rachael and Michael drove down to be together with them in the evening after Rach got off work. They had just moved into a new house a couple or three weeks ago and everything is still topsy-turvy (Can you imagine moving and organizing a household with 2 ½ month old twins, a pre-schooler and a 7 year old! Give me grace. I’m surprised they are still sane.) But none of that mattered. Everyone enjoyed the time together. And they brought back lots of pictures to show me of the baby girls—cuties for sure!

Ron got busy with Michael and we had the first “roaring fire” that our den fireplace has had since we moved here. What is it about a fire in the fireplace that makes things feel homey and cozy? I dunno, but it does.

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