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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

eventful couple of days

Oh grief. My little Gabriel came in Sunday night all crippled up. He must have taken a tumble with Maxim and gotten really stove up. He hurt his back a couple years ago jumping up on the cat table to steal their food. Now he has hurt it again, plus a little more.

He insists on believing that he is just as big as Maxim; but 15 pounds up against 85 doesn’t balance out at all! Poor baby, he is really having trouble walking and can’t jump up at all. He is very careful about how he lays and stands. Rachael and Michael have to carry him up the steps and we have to lift him up on the bed. He is so pitiful and very anxious when Maxim comes near or someone walks by too fast and he knows he can’t get out of the way quickly.

I have everybody I know praying for him. The Lord has healed our animals time after time. I have no reason to doubt Him now!

Oh a happier note. The turkey vultures returned to Hoover Reservoir today! I saw a flock of about 8 circling over Smoke Burr this afternoon. The song birds have been back for about a week. Going outside in the early morning is like walking into an orchestra pit during preliminary tune up. Now if only I could woo some of them to my window my life would be complete.

Also, last fall Rachael and I and Kris and I planted bulbs. ( lol I’m being generous with myself. Rachael and Kris planted. I sat on my stool and shared my gardening lore. Heh. Heh. Being crippled up does have its perks!) Anyway, a whole slew of daffodils, tulips, crocuses and iris got shoved in the ground. Today we suddenly have crocuses blooming across the from lawn— little dabs of color in the still winter browned grass. Rach and I got a big charge out of anticipating Michael’s expression when he sees those crocus sprinkled through the grass. He knew we planted the daffodils and tulips, but he didn’t know about naturalizing crocuses. He didn’t see them today. He left before sun-up for work and he won’t be home until ten this evening. So the soonest he’ll see them will be tomorrow afternoon. I can’t wait.

We put those old dried-looking, brown, papery, onion-y looking things in the ground last fall with no guarantee that we would have anything in the spring. They were “ sown in dishonour” and now they are being “raised in glory” I wish you could see those golden and white blossoms in the wintery grass. We see the Lord’s examples of His resurrection all around us.

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