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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

lots of boxes

Whew! I'm tired tonight. Rachael started bringing up boxes from the basement to unpack. All of the stuff from my house is there and hasn't been touched or sorted through yet. Before I left Dover, I sent a ton of things to Goodwill and gave another ton away and finally advertised on the radio, some good things that I had no way of moving but couldn't bring with me. People were waiting in line for my queen-sized bed and mattress set and headboard, the hidabed sofa , some twin sized mattresses and beds, a desk, some chairs...I don't remember what else. They just wanted to walk in the house and take them!! Thank goodness Rachael was there that day and had no qualms about telling them they'd just have to wait until the men carried them out to the porch.

Today we tackled the stuff from the cupboards--three generations of glassware, china and decorative things. As Rachael unpacked all of the old dishes, I was responsible for looking things up online to see if they were worth keeping!! I found one little pitcher that was worth 245 dollars!!! MY HEAVENS! Lots of things I couldn't find. Probably because I didn't know where to look. But we have just scratched the surface--moved a couple minor stones in the mountain of boxes.

The first two boxes she opened were packed in 1986! and have been moved THREE times without being unpacked! They were filled with things that belonged to my mother's mother and my father's foster mother. Rachael's great grandmas! It was neat to see those old dishes and serving plates and think who they had belonged to...sometimes at first I couldn't remember. Then after a few minutes, I'd get a connection and 'see' them on grandma's table or in ma's china cabinet or cupboard or connect them somehow to the person... The human mind is a wonderful thing.

Ultimately Rachael did all of the work while I sat in the chair and clicked computer keys. Why is it that I'm so tired?

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