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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oh good grief!

My friend Donna has some cute little smileys that she uses in her emails. I liked them and when a link for them came at the bottom of one of her emails, I decided to down load them. Yaaagh! Famous last words. I downloaded them okay! Them and a NEW homepage and a NEW tool bar. And STILL couldn’t find how to access the cute little smiley pictures.

Not only that, but this presumptuous webpage wanted me to use THEIR email service and I couldn’t get to my good old google mail! I had to go through the ‘uninstall’ process TWICE to get them gone and then I had a BLANK homepage! THEN I had to reset it for Google.

What ever you do, don’t be tempted to download those cute little Crawley-site smileys! The are very invasive and persistent!

Got my day off to a depressing start. It’s better now though.

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  1. The results of clicking on various things that came up on a web page has curbed my curiosity as much as most anything else in my life. It doesn't matter how enticing something looks to me now, I ignore it. I've been through what you described though perhaps not just exactly the way it happened to you.

    I suppose the one thing that still catches me from time to time -- in odd places-- are those IQ tests. You take them and then before you get the results you have to sign up for something. I've been suckered by those things more than once -- after enough time has elapsed that I forget I will NOT be getting the results because Iwon't be signing up for ANYTHING.