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Saturday, February 27, 2010

team USA

I’ve been watching the Olympics this week. We made special arrangements to record the USA and Canadian hockey games! If you know me you know I’m a Blue Jackets hockey fan. Michael infected me. The Blue Jackets are Columbus’ hockey team.

The reason we were so interested in the Olympic hockey games is that several of the Jackets players have gone back to play for their own country. I think there are three who played for Canada and one more playing for one of the Nordic countries. Michael keeps up on all that and just tells me what to watch. And of course there were a couple playing for the USA.

So it comes down to this: tomorrow Canada and the USA are playing for the gold medal! How exciting is that! I’ll actually be happy no matter who wins. I have a vested interest in both teams. Michael, of course, is USA all the way.

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