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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last catch-up post. After this, I'm back in Ohio

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

One thing I must say about being here this summer: I LOVE my son dearly. He works hard long days but he has always taken a little time to be sure and check to see if I have the things I need. He called again today, as he has everyday this week, to make sure the house was cool and I was comfortable.

Really, the swamp cooler works very well. Only on Monday did the water go off. And that was because Kerra left the water on when she watered the roses out side. Well, the water itself wasn’t running, but the pressure tank valve was open—which in turned drained the pressure which gave NO water for the cooler units. (Luckily, the pump turned off when the pressure dropped too low instead of trying to keep pumping water) And of course, THAT made the house hot. He has worried about me here ever since.

I did have a really bad response to the heat a week ago Sunday. When we went for that ride, it nearly wiped me out. My reaction to it still kinda worries me. I know he is thinking about that when he calls. And I love him for it.

There is a nice breeze from the north here. I believe it blows all the way across from the Sandias. Now it isn’t always cold, but it does keep things cool—especially when it is sucked into the swamp coolers and then sent into the house with its load of coolness.

And now that I’ve learned to manage the weather again, I am leaving. I have mixed feelings. Parts of my time, and I won’t go into that, have been difficult, but other parts have been wonderful. I will never stop loving New Mexico or the desert. There is nothing in the world as beautiful.

Thursday June 10, 2010

Last day… I’m anxious to see Rachael and Michael, but even still with everything, I hate to leave Notah’s. I sat outside this morning for the last time probably, although I may get time tomorrow morning. I’m packing my clothes, etc. today-getting everything together.

I hate having my kids on separate ends of the world. My heart aches no matter where I am.

This is all till I’m back in Ohio.

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