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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Well, It is moving day here in Belen. We are going to the new house right now!

I know that they plan to have ME in the new house tonight…. And I think everyone else too. I mean they’re moving the beds… There will be no place to sleep here.

Kerra left about seven o’clock with a load of stuff in the Izuzu. She should be back soon for another load. Since it is only a matter of about 20 minutes away, they aren’t packing things in boxes…Just taking it out of the closets and laying it on the seats, then carrying it back in again and hanging it up in the Manzano house.

Notah brought a moving truck home with him last night. He is delivering a load of household stuff to someone here in Belen and then he will bring the truck back and load furniture. I wish he had another guy to help him manhandle furniture. Kerra will help, but she’s only like 5’1” and doesn’t have a lot of bulk to handle the end of a sofa… Seth and Keva will help too, but they are kids.

I am situated still here in my chair. I have all the loose stuff of mine packed in a suitcase or bag and I’m ready to be moved. I’ll be sitting in my camp chair for a while and then back to my recliner in the new house! And I can look out the window at the Manzanos. I can hardly wait!

This move, like my last one, involves me sitting and watching people do the work. What a way to move houses!

I guess that’s all to day.

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