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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Remember, these are 'catch-up" posts from when we were moving in Belen.

Monday, June 07, 2010

It’s cloudy over the Manzano Mountains this morning. Yesterday the sun popped above the horizon at six twenty. Although it was very hot during the day about six thirty in the evening clouds started rolling over top of the mountains and shadows flowed down the slopes. With the clouds came a welcomed coolness. I didn’t expect it to last until this morning though.

So now, even though it is nearly seven the overcast remains and the day is off to a cool start.

Poor Notah and Kerra! They have had a lone weekend. From the time Kerra picked up the keys to the new house on Friday evening they have been packing and hauling household. On Friday when she went after the keys, Kerra took a load of boxes with her! She picked up a pizza as she came back home and fed us then went back to packing boxes. When Notah came home from work he brought a moving truck with him. It had a household shipment on it for early morning delivery and then he intended to begin packing it with our stuff. Saturday morning Notah was up at his usual break of day wake up time and a few minutes later Kerra staggered out. The boys were up soon after that. Keva, like almost every other teen-aged girl in the country, finally had to be rousted out at eight thirty!

But it wasn’t long before they were all busy. Kerra had most of the van full of boxes and just clothes and piles of bedding laid across seats. Before seven she had headed on out to the Mallette house. Notah took his delivery to the house in Belen and by the time Kerra was back he had it backed up by our fence and was putting furniture on it. For the next three hours they loaded most of the house onto the truck.

At one thirty the DirecTV man was due to arrive with the new satellite so Kerra kept watching the clock. The last thing to go on that first load was my chair! Then they put me in the only empty seat in the van with Gable on my lap and we headed out to the new house. On our way there, the DirecTV man called to say he was about 15 minutes out. We beat him there by about 15 minutes.

I sat on the cooler for a little while until Notah got there with the chair. They situated me in the middle of the living room and started carrying in stuff. Why the middle of the room? Notah said they had to put the sofa etc. along the walls, then they could move me. Then there were trips and trips and trips from the van and the truck to the house. And when that was emptied, they rested and ate a couple snacks then went back for another load. Notah wanted to get his big snake moved in the cool of the day. It was 103 during the day.

Sunday morning they slept in until about seven. Then it was up and at ‘em. Notah and Kerra went out to unload the snakes and Seth and Zach got up and made themselves breakfast. Keva kept on sleeping in spite of people and dogs traipsing through her room.
When the snakes were unloaded Notah and Kerra went back for more and more and more. Notah’s goal was to get finished and have time to relax for a while in the evening.

By seven thirty on Sunday they were back with the rest of the snakes and most of the stuff still in the old house. Peepers and Tiny Tiger came with the last trip. They settled in with hardly a quiver. So all of the important ‘people’ were moved.

We did Blake’s for supper while we watched a recorded Doctor Who episode.

Notah and Kerra went to bed. Keva thought maybe she would watch the rest of her episode of Monk, but when she heard she had to get up with her mom for summer school she went to bed, too. Seth thought he would watch the Wizards of Waverly, but when I came back from the bathroom he was asleep on the couch. So no one was left but me and even though I didn’t do any actual WORK, I was tired too.

And this morning, Notah came out at five to go to work and Kerra was up at six-thirty. She woke Keva up when she came out. Now it’s just me ‘n’ Seth. He’s still sleeping and I’m still watching the morning coming up.

Chloe is bopping around chasing the cat and finding odd bits of paper to shred. Thain and Sadie are already relaxing on the love seat, looking out the window. Huck is at Seth’s feet. Gable is on my lap. And that promises to be our day.

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