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Monday, June 28, 2010


Yesterday was the Elliott Reunion. I aways enjoyed it. My mom's name was Elliott and they are all good down to earth people. And boy! Can the Elliott women cook. Food at the Elliott reunion is to die for!

We used to go every summer until my knees got bad enough that I had to hope Kerra and Rachael came home to fix the food. And they did for several years, but I haven't been able to go for the last four or five. While Notah and Kerra were living with me in Dover, Kerra cooked and Notah would load my big chair so I was able to sit in it with my feet up for the afternoon. Since they moved I haven't been to the reunion. Actually the next year after they moved ( I believe it was) I moved to Columbus with Rachael and Michael. Now the two hours down and two hours back plus two or three hours of sitting on a picnic bench are just more than I can do.

The great thing is that some members of Aunt Rene's family always stop by on their trips east. Today, Dobbie and Brenda are bringing Aunt Rene to visit a while. Last year it was Lee and Lonnadene who brough her. I love it! Growing up, my brother and I probably spent more time with Lonnadene and Dobbie at Aunt Rene and Uncle Arthur's that with any of our other cousins. I'm glad the connection remains even as we are all into our sixties now. Isn't that amazing.

I can remember when Lonnadene was a cute little girl with a mass of curls who yelled bloody murder when her mom tried to sort them out. And Dobbie! LOL Aunt Rene tried her best to dress him in a neat little shirt and tie for church, but they just never stayed that way very long. He and my brother used to trekking around into all sorts of things. And when he grew up! He grew this amazing beard and a head full of long wild hair! Poor Aunt Rene-how mortified she must have been. lol

And now look at him-some sort of executive with a clean shave and a regular hair cut in a big steel company. And Lonnadene has clipped her mass of curls short enough to care for so easily a it makes screaming bloody murder a distant memory! She and Lee are on a world cruise right now.

Life goes on and things change, but the bonds forged in early child hood remain...

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